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Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot
Lori Lightfoot

As Lori Lightfoot’s Large Security Detail Shrinks, Her Logan Square Neighbors Say ‘It Feels Like A Normal Block Again’

Lightfoot defended the heavy security as necessary protection after many threats to her and her family.

Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale

Violence Prevention Efforts Get $2.5 Million Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend, Mayor Brandon Johnson Announces

The $2.5 million in private grants will help hundreds of local groups host "fun, safe" programs for young people this summer across the South and West sides, Johnson said.


These City Committees Didn’t Do Much But Spend Your Money. Now Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants To Reward Their Leaders.

Despite troubles with the city's airport operations and contracting, the City Council hasn't met to discuss the issues in more than eight months.


Can A New Commission Rebuild Trust In Police With ‘Public’ Search For Chicago’s Next Top Cop?

Anthony Driver just turned 30. He hopes to lead the "most transparent search for a high-ranking official in this city's history." But will the mayor take his advice?


Brandon Johnson Pledges To Reopen Mental Health Clinics, Push Progressive Change At Inaugural Address

“Some say we have to wait 20 years for the efforts to take dividends. I don’t believe that. We can change the lives of people in Chicago right now,” Johnson said at his inauguration.


Brandon Johnson And All 50 Alderpeople Will Be Inaugurated Monday. Here’s How You Can Watch

Johnson, alderpeople and the city's clerk and treasurer will take their oaths of office Monday morning. The ceremony will be livestreamed.


Lightfoot Settles With Feds, Agrees To Environmental Justice Reform After Civil Rights Complaint

Southeast Siders filed a complaint with federal housing officials in 2020, alleging decades of racist city policies pushed polluters into their communities. The settlement forces the city to address their concerns.


Lightfoot Signs Environmental Justice Executive Order As Mayor-Elect Johnson Vows To Build On Progress

Lightfoot ordered the city to complete a study of the communities most impacted by industry and pollution by Sept. 1. Advocates say it will help draft legislation to improve residents’ health.


Mayor Lightfoot Declares State Of Emergency Over Migrant Crisis, Says She Could Call In National Guard

"We've reached a breaking point in our response to this humanitarian crisis," Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.


As Lightfoot Departs, A ‘Woefully Unprepared’ Chicago Leaves Migrants In ‘Inhumane’ Conditions For Weeks — With No Plan In Sight

Around 3,100 migrants are in temporary shelters, relying on donated clothes and food as Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson inherits the crisis. “We don’t have beds. Children are sleeping on the floor," one man said.


Lightfoot Gives Farewell Address With Notes Of Optimism And Hope

Lightfoot did not advance to April's runoff election and will be succeeded by Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson. “I’m optimistic because of the work my administration has done,” Lightfoot said.


A ‘Dire’ Shortage Of Lawyers Making Chicago’s Migrant Crisis Even Worse

Chicago is short hundreds of lawyers as migrants wait months to apply for asylum. The city has yet to help new arrivals get legal services to stay here, a nonprofit director said.


Migrant Shelter At Old South Shore School Could Open Next Week As Neighbors Shout Down City’s Meeting On Plans

As migrants sleep on police station floors and eat expired meals, city officials unveiled plans for temporary migrant housing at a chaotic meeting — outraging hundreds of South Shore residents and Ald. Michelle Harris.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

As Migrants Pack Police Stations And More Arrive, Exhausted Volunteers Say The City Needs A Better Plan

Volunteers and a North Side alderwoman suggested the city use larger locations to house migrants, saying conditions are abysmal in police stations and other neighborhood spots.


Lightfoot Plans To Turn Old South Shore High School Into Migrant Shelter As More Buses Arrive

The plan comes after the city's short-notice rollout of a migrant shelter in neighboring Woodlawn sparked months of outrage. Officials will host a meeting on the plan Thursday.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

Texas Will Start Bussing Migrants To Chicago Again Monday, Creating ‘Humanitarian Crisis,’ Lightfoot Says

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said the city already doesn't have enough space for the migrants who are here — and the answer to problems at the border isn't bussing people to Chicago.


Migrants Sent On One-Way Flights From Texas Sleeping At O’Hare As City Scrambles To Find Them Shelter

The city is working to support the migrants, but officials said it's been difficult to plan when there is no communication from the states sending people here.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

City Calls Chicago Fire Soccer Facility A ‘Win’ For Near West Side, But Public Housing Activists Say They Won’t Back Down

At a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, city officials praised the deal while residents protested the use of public housing land for the training center.

Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards

Laughs, Tears And Haikus: Lightfoot, Retiring Alderpeople Say Goodbye At Their Final Council Meeting

Alderpeople spent more than two hours honoring their retiring colleagues. "I love you all," Ald. Anthony Napolitano said. "It got heated down here at times, but in the end, we were all friends."


Millennium Park Teen Curfew Will Be Enforced After Youth Gatherings Downtown Turned Violent, Police Say

Millennium Park bans people younger than 18 from being in the park without an adult after 6 p.m. Thursday-Sunday. Bag checks at beaches are also planned.

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