Block Club Chicago Staff Diversity Report

Block Club Chicago is committed to reflecting the needs and concerns of the diverse city we cover. As such, our staff must reflect the makeup of Chicago, a city that is 31% white, 30% Latino, 29% Black and 7% Asian, according to 2020 U.S. Census figures.

Our reporters not only mirror the diversity of the communities they cover, the majority of them also live in the neighborhoods where they work.

Block Club has also prioritized hiring and promoting leaders of color. Almost half of our editorial leaders identify as people of color. Their leadership has been instrumental in shaping our coverage, expanding our audience and helping our newsroom grow sustainably and equitably. Two of our leaders proudly identify as LGBTQ.

As Block Club grows, we will create new pathways to leadership within our organization to ensure reporters of color are empowered to grow. Local news has never been equitable in this country. We’ve set out to change that.

Download our report here or view below.