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Mack Liederman

South Siders Thank My Block, My Hood, My City For Lighting Up King Drive: ‘It Brings The People Closer Together’

Despite challenges, the group will return to King Drive with added security on Saturday — and residents are grateful. “It sends a message. It says these people are all connected."

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham
8:22 AM CST

4 Volunteers Robbed At My Block, My Hood, My City Event To Hang Up Christmas Lights Across South Side

The robbery interrupted what was otherwise a positive event to spread hope across the South Side. This event "isn’t going to fix such a deep-rooted issue in one day. This is years of work."

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Ted Erikson, Hyde Park Swimmer Who Was First To Swim Across Lake Michigan, Dies At 93

Erikson marked the 60th anniversary of his milestone this summer.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

LaVar Ball Visits Chicago — And Says He’s Trying To Bring All His Sons To The Bulls: ‘Together, They’re Great’

The famously outspoken Ball family patriarch drew a line of fans at a pop-up Sunday in Tri-Taylor. “Now I say my boys are going to be the first billionaires to play basketball," Ball said.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Bulls Barber Razor Red Lines Up Hundreds Of NBA Players At Little Italy Shop: ‘When You Look Good, You Play Good’

Terrance Wills grew up in Rockwell Gardens, just a five-minute bike ride from where the Bulls play. His clientele has grown to include the city’s biggest stars, from Zach LaVine to Scottie Pippen and Dwyane Wade.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Virgil Abloh, Trailblazing Off-White Founder Who Became Louis Vuitton’s First Black Artistic Director, Dies At 41

Abloh and Kanye West bonded over their love for design, and their collaborations helped bring the Rockford native global acclaim. He died after battling cancer.


LaVar Ball Bringing A Big Baller Brand Pop-Up To Little Italy Sneaker Shop Sunday Ahead Of Lonzo Vs. LaMelo Matchup

Big Baller Brand, the apparel line started by the outspoken father of the Bulls' Lonzo Ball and the Hornets' LaMelo, will be sold at Flee Club on Taylor Street.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Brewbakers, Beverly’s Infamous Late-Night Bar, Is Reopening For Blackout Wednesday

It looked like Brewbakers was headed toward being closed after nearly two years of silence — but it's back.

Beverly, Mt. Greenwood, Morgan Park

Over 1,000 Protest Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict In Downtown Chicago: We Won’t Give In ‘To The Racism And Fear’

Marching through the streets, Rev. Jesse Jackson called on the case to be taken up at a federal level. "Rittenhouse is not yet through," he said.


Firefighters Climbed Every Step Of The Willis Tower To Support A Group That’s Helped Them Heal: ‘A Day At A Time, A Step At A Time’

More than 500 people climbed 2,109 stairs to get to the Willis Tower Skydeck and raise $850,000 for Shirley Ryan AbilityLab. The fastest climber finished in about 12 minutes.


After Aldi Closed In A Food Desert, West Side Groups Give Groceries To Neighbors — But Permanent Food Access Is Needed, They Say

“You would never turn the electricity off in the community, you would never stop pumping water. Fresh food can be the difference between life and death.”

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

Hundreds Mourn Adé Hogue In Ghost Bike Vigil After Popular Cyclist Killed By Driver: ‘Our Community Is Tired Of This’

“We want to celebrate him and what he loved so much," one of Hogue's teammates said. "But we’re also mad. We’re pissed off."


Mysterious Boat Abandoned On Chicago River Sinks — And Taxpayers Will Likely Pay For Its Removal

The boat was tied up in September, but it started sinking last week after heavy rains. Experts say abandoned boats aren't that rare.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Dorothy Gaters Retires As Illinois’ Winningest High School Hoops Coach — But Her Legacy Continues On The West Side

Dorothy Gaters is a history-making high school basketball coach at Marshall High School. But her legacy isn't just trophies — she taught some of the best women who have played and helped students become coaches.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

A South Sider Used Basketball To Stop Violence. Now He’s Using His Platform To Promote Mental Health And Vaccines

“Sports is the universal language. I didn’t think when I started this off I’d be launching a mental health campaign. I didn't think I’d be talking about vaccines. Basketball is the foundation.”

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

7 Years After Laquan McDonald Was Murdered, Chicagoans Protest Rahm Emanuel As He Vies For Ambassadorship

McDonald's murder in 2014 engulfed the former mayor's administration. Activists say it's a "slap in the face" to install him as an ambassador.


Chicago Sky Celebrate First Championship With Triumphant Parade, Rally In Millennium Park: ‘We Did It, Y’all’

“Remember the seat you’re sitting in right now,” coach James Wade said to the crowd. “Because you’re going to be sitting in the same one next year.”


Chicago Sky Win City’s First WNBA Title: ‘Women’s Basketball Is Here To Stay’

The Sky beat the Phoenix Mercury 80-74 Sunday, clinching a 3-1 series win for the franchise's first championship.


Chicago Sky Sell Out Stadium For Game 3 — And Are Inspiring Women And Girl Hoopers: ‘I Can Do What The Sky Are Doing’

Women's basketball often gets overlooked, fans say, but the Sky are commanding Chicago's attention — and inspiring young players to pursue their hoop dreams.


White Sox Magic Ends In Loss To Astros — But ‘Cane Guy’ Vows He (And Maybe The Cane) Will Be Back

"Cane Guy" did his best, but neither he nor the Sox could summon enough magic to hold off the Houston Astros.

Bridgeport, Chinatown, McKinley Park
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