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Izzy Stroobandt

City Council Might Roll Back Speed Camera Fines For Drivers — As Transportation Groups Plea For Folks To Slow Down

Speed camera fines disproportionally impact Black and Brown motorists, supporters of the ordinance said. Others say rolling back fines after 3 kids were killed by cars is a bad idea.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Trikone Chicago Wants To Celebrate LGBTQ South Asians With Its First-Ever Pride Float — But It Needs Your Help

Trikone has long provided community and resources to queer South Asians. Its members hope to raise awareness of their work through a Bollywood-themed float at the Pride Parade.

Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Northalsted

Hundreds March In Lincoln Square, Uptown To Demand Safer Streets After 2 Toddlers Killed: ‘It Is Evident That Our Streets Are Not Safe’

After Raphael "Rafi" Cardenas and Elizabeth "Lily" Grace Shambrook were killed, organizers said the city must crack down on unsafe driving, improve enforcement of traffic laws and boost the city's biking network.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

After Semi-Truck Driver Kills 3-Year-Old In Uptown, Neighbors Say Intersection Has Long Been A ‘Recipe For Disaster’

Semi-truck drivers routinely use residential side streets in Uptown, neighbors said — and they long feared it would lead to disaster.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Man Accused Of Shooting Police Officer In Englewood Did Not Know Cops Were In SUV, Defense Attorney Says

An attorney for Jerome Halsey, 27, said he feared for his safety before the Sunday afternoon shooting after uniformed officers in an unmarked SUV cornered him in a traffic stop and approached him with their guns unholstered.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

West Loop Workers Chased And Held Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed A Cyclist, Prosecutors Say

Courtney Bertucci was arrested Monday and charged with reckless homicide, failure to report an accident resulting in death and drug possession in connection with the April 16 crash in West Loop.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Teens Stage Die-In At City Hall To Protest Lightfoot’s Controversial New Curfews: ‘We Need Healing’

Youth activists said the mayor's weekend night ban on Millennium Park for youth, as well as her attempt to move the daily citywide curfew earlier, will further criminalize young people of color.


Ride Of Silence Honors Bicyclists Killed By Drivers In Deadly Year For Chicago Riders

The 7.2-mile ride stopped at the sites of three recent fatal crashes to honor the bicyclists who have been killed.


Watch Where You Step In Grant Park — You May Just Crush A Tiny Museum

The mini-museum was created by Columbia College sophomore Mia Nelson earlier this month for a final project.


Drivers Are Ignoring Flexi Posts At Lakefront Intersection Where A Cyclist Was Killed. City Officials Say More Fixes Are Coming

The flexi posts and paint follow a guerilla-style traffic study by local volunteers that highlighted the dangers cyclists and pedestrians face crossing DuSable Lake Shore Drive at Balbo Drive.


At Chicago Abortion Rights Rally, More Than 1,000 People Turn ‘Anger Into Action’ — And Vow To Keep Fighting For Choice

The Chicago Abortion Fund has seen demand skyrocket in recent years as nearby states severely restrict abortion access. Now, groups in Illinois are preparing for an even bigger influx.


Guerilla-Style Traffic Study Of Spot Where Bicyclist Was Killed Helps Advocates Bring Attention To Deadly Crosswalks

Cycling advocates said they recorded hundreds of drivers committing the same offense that led to the death of a bicyclist earlier this year: “It’s just complete do whatever you want.”


After Young Man Killed On Deadly NW Side Stretch, Advocates Ask: What Will It Take For City To Fix Milwaukee Ave.?

A driver hit and killed bicyclist Nick Parlingayan just across the street from where a driver killed bicyclist Carla Aiello in 2019. “It’s going to get much, much worse before it gets any better," one cyclist said.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Chicago’s Abortion Providers Say They Need Long-Term Support To Protect People If Roe V. Wade Gets Overturned

Providers and advocates said they need donations and for people to speak openly about the importance of abortion access: “We are never going to stop trying to help people. That's all we can do.”


As Dinkel’s Closes After 100 Years In Chicago, Customers Say Goodbye To More Than Just A Bakery: ‘It’s A Tradition’

"Dinkel's was one of those institutions we could point to that gave us a sense of having real, deep roots in a place. It's part of how we can say, ‘We're from here. We're Chicagoans.’”

Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Northalsted

Lincoln Square Neighbors Rally For Affordable Housing Proposal Amid Parking-Fueled Debate: ‘The Community Is Ready’

The much-debated project has stalled over disagreement about how much parking the area needs. "This is something we care about a lot and we want to see it move forward," one organizer said.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Ghost Bike Put Up Downtown To Honor Gerardo Marciales — But Officials Say It’ll Likely Get Tossed Soon

The bikes are used to honor people killed by drivers, but police said this one could be too distracting. Marciales, 41, was killed Feb. 28 when a driver hit him as he rode through the crosswalk of DuSable Lake Shore Drive.


It’s Been 2 Years Since The City’s Bicycle Safety Council Met. Advocates Are Pushing For It To Come Back

While the meetings have disappeared, the numbers of bicyclists killed and injured have gone up in Chicago.


Bicyclist Gerardo Marciales Supported His Family In Venezuela Before A Driver Killed Him. Now, People Are Raising Money For His Loved Ones

More than 70 people have donated over $5,000 in just two days to help financially support Gerardo Marciales’ family.


Drivers Are Killing Bicyclists Trying To Get To, From The Lakefront Trail. The City Isn’t Making It Safer, Advocates Say

On Feb. 28, Gerardo Marciales, 41, was riding his bike across DuSable Lake Shore Drive from the Lakefront Trail when a driver hit him, police said.

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