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Bob Chiarito


Ald. Tom Tunney Fined $2,000 For Serving Diners Inside Lakeview’s Ann Sather In December

The alderman, who has owned Ann Sather since 2003, could have faced a fine up to $10,500 for illegally opening his restaurant to diners despite a state ban.

Lakeview, Boystown, Wrigleyville

Restaurants See Hope After Judge Rules Lawsuit Asking For Insurance Payouts Due To Pandemic Can Proceed

Restaurants face an uphill battle in trying to get insurance payouts due to the pandemic — but the judge's ruling is keeping their hopes alive.


Ald. Brendan Reilly Says He Was Attacked By 2 Men Outside Boss Bar In River North

Reilly said two men punched and kicked him outside the River North bar last week but he didn't report it to police.

Near North Side, River North

Huge Icicles, Heavy Snow Or Ice Dams On Your Roof? Here’s What Experts Say You Should Do

Poor insulation that lets heat rise into attics and warm the roof is causing snow to melt — but if an ice dam has formed, that water can end up in your home.

Beverly, Mt. Greenwood, Morgan Park

My Block, My Hood, My City Gets 200 Requests To Shovel After Snowstorm — Here’s How To Join Their Volunteer Patrol

More than 100 volunteers came together to shovel at homes across the city Tuesday. The shoveling brigade will be back out Wednesday to help more seniors in need.

Englewood, Chatham

Nearly 18 Inches Of Snow Reported At Midway Airport, Adding To Chicago’s Snowiest Stretch In 40 Years

The last time the city had more than 30.2 inches of snow in three weeks was the notorious winter of 1978-79 — and temperatures haven't reached above freezing since Feb. 4.


Embattled Police Union Boss Stripped Of Pay While CPD Board Decides Whether To Fire Him

FOP President John Catanzara has been under fire for years, particularly for his inflammatory and obscene social media posts.


Residents Near Six Corners Petition For Stop Sign, Speed Camera After Drivers Keep Jumping Curb

Despite a car crashing into a day care center and other incidents, neighbors say Ald. Jim Gardiner's office has been unresponsive to their concerns about the dangerous intersection.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park

Chinatown Mainstay Triple Crown At Risk Of Eviction After Falling Behind On Rent During Pandemic

While all Chicago restaurants have struggled because of the pandemic, Chinatown eateries suffered more dramatically because of racist tropes surrounding the origins of the virus, owners said.

Bridgeport, Chinatown, McKinley Park

With Car Heists At Record Levels, Citizen Sleuths Take To Facebook To Find Their Stolen Rides

The group has helped recover more than 200 cars in the last two months from Chicago and surrounding areas, a moderator said.


Bucktown Man With Arsenal And Domestic Violence History Gets Probation, But Victims Grateful Charge Is ‘Something That Sticks’

James Mather was arrested for possession of a slew of weapons while out on bond for attacks on two former girlfriends. “I’m relieved that it’s not expungeable," one victim said. "Women and others ... will know who they are dealing with."

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

After His Volunteers Tossed Blankets And Food Of Man Who Is Homeless, Ald. Gardiner Says It Was A ‘Mistake’

Ald. Jim Gardiner initially praised his "Gardiner's Angels" volunteers for clearing "unnecessary debris." Neighbors hope the incident inspires others to be more compassionate.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Alderman Praises His ‘Gardiner’s Angels’ Volunteers For Tossing Blankets, Food Belonging To Man Who Is Homeless

Ald. Jim Gardiner (45th) said his volunteers cleared "unnecessary debris" from the Irving Park Blue Line station underpass — even though it was clearly someone's belongings.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Amid Surge In Carjackings, Top Cop To Send In More Detectives

After a year in which carjackings rose 135 percent, the first 20 days of 2021 saw 144 carjackings — setting a pace that would smash last year’s record total.


City’s Carjacking Surge Shows No Sign Of Slowing, So Residents Are Buying Guns

Carjackings were up 135 percent in 2020, and they're up even more so far this year. As city officials try to make sense of the problem, concealed carry instructors say victims are coming in for classes.


Chicago Hospitals Battle Another Obstacle With Coronavirus Vaccine: Persuading Staff To Get Them

Officials at Roseland Hospital and Loretto Hospital have said they are battling myths and other skepticism toward the vaccines. At Roseland, just 25 percent of hospital staff has been vaccinated so far.


Pilgrim Baptist Church Gets $216,000 Grant To Stabilize Historic Walls, But Far More Needed For Rebuild

The landmark Adler- and Sullivan-designed building at 3301 S. Indiana Ave. burned in 2006 and partially collapsed in August's vicious storm.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Lines Start At 3:30 AM, Stretch For Blocks At Newly Reopened Secretary Of State Offices

Most secretary of state offices — where new driver's licenses, permits and license plates are processed — closed in November because of the pandemic.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park

Portage Park School Staff Returns For The First Time Since Coronavirus Hit Campus In March

Vaughn Occupational, which serves students with complex disabilities, was the first CPS school to have an employee diagnosed with coronavirus. Now, staffers are returning — nervously.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park

Grieving Families Urge Affluent Chicagoans To Join Fight Against Violence After 769 People Murdered In 2020

“The people who live down here have to get as angry as the people who live near us. The power is down here," Rev. Michael Pfleger said.

Near North Side, River North
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