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Byron Sigcho Lopez

Byron Sigcho Lopez
Byron Sigcho Lopez

Pilsen Environmental Group Calls On City To Deny New Permit For Sims Metal Shredder

Sims Metal Management was sued by the Illinois Attorney General’s office this fall for allegedly breaking air pollution laws. It's located less than a mile from three schools.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Benito Juarez Students, Community Groups Come Together To Clean Up Pilsen

The 18th Street clean-up event was organized by the Economic Strategies Development Corporation and local aldermanic offices.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Hunger Strike To Stop East Side Scrapper Grows As More Activists Urge State, City Leaders To ‘Do Right By … Our Community’

The hunger strikers are supported by several politicians, including Ald. Jeanette Taylor, who participated in a successful hunger strike to reopen Dyett High School, and U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.

South Chicago, East Side

Elected Officials Urge Chicagoans To Vote Early: ‘Staying Home Is Not An Option’

There are 51 early voting sites across the city. Officials encouraged residents to cast their ballot ahead of the November election.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Pilsen Alderman Blasts City For Pushing Landmark District Residents Don’t Want As Officials Float A Smaller Plan

City officials attempted to allay fears around their plan to landmark 900 Pilsen properties to no avail. They also floated a smaller plan which would see 465 properties landmarked.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Pilsen High School Votes Out Police, Becoming Second CPS School To Eliminate Cops On Campus

Benito Juarez council members want CPS to use the funding for more social workers, counselors, nurses and restorative justice programs.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

What’s CPAC? Here’s What You Need To Know About A Local Push For Civilian Oversight Of Police

Aldermen say recent calls for increased police accountability have made the passage of the CPAC ordinance more pressing.


City Must Confront Police Brutality If They Want Peace, Protesters And Aldermen Say: ‘Martial Law’ Will Get People Killed

Activists are also demanding the immediate release of jailed protesters and the defunding of the police department.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Chicago Politicians’ Zoom Call Interrupted By Porn-Streaming Hijackers

"Zoom bombing" is on the rise, the FBI has warned. On Tuesday, Chicago aldermen and state reps were the latest victims.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

City Should Launch Emergency Fund To Support Workers, Businesses During Coronavirus Outbreak, Aldermen Say

"During this crisis, people need to know that they can count on having a roof over their head, food on the table and dependable utilities,” Ald. Matt Martin said.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Pilsen Alderman Says Mayor Lightfoot Should Apologize For Comments About The Neighborhood

"Pilsen 10 years ago was a neighborhood we all would have been a little concerned about being in after dark,” Lightfoot said.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Invisible Evictions: As Developers Flock To Logan Square And Pilsen, Renters Quietly Forced Out

They didn't miss a rent payment or break the rules, but families in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods are getting the boot as landlords look to cash in — with little notice or recourse.

Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale

Have Thoughts About Lincoln Yards Or The 78? City Seeking Volunteers For Advisory Council On Megadevelopments

The council will consist of neighborhood representatives, community leaders and others chosen by the mayor and Ald. Brian Hopkins.

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

Upset Neighbors Argue Against Proposed Food Plant Near Bubbly Creek — Until Someone Shuts Off The Meeting’s Lights

At a heated community meeting in Bridgeport Wednesday night, neighbors questioned whether the construction of a food processing plant was a done deal.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Developer Resurrects Controversial Apartment Project On Massive Pilsen Site, But Alderman’s Not On Board

The developer filed paperwork to build 434 apartments near the planned Paseo Trail without presenting plans to neighbors or consulting Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez, he said.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Ald. Sigcho-Lopez Takes Aim At Disgraced Ex-Ald. Solis’ Use Of Campaign Cash To Pay Lawyers

Danny Solis, an FBI mole, paid $220,000 out of his campaign fund to cover legal fees in May.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

St. Adalbert Church Could Become Chicago Landmark Under Proposal By Ald. Sigcho-Lopez

The freshman alderman wants to landmark the church and its rectory building, according to a letter submitted to the Department of Planning and Development.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Pilsen Steps Up To Help Ailing Paletero, Whose Plight Sheds Light On Struggles Aging Immigrants Face

Ananías Ocampo, 75, needs permanent housing and health care — so neighbors are raising money for the ice cream man.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Planned Affordable Housing Building In Pilsen Shrinks After Neighbors Complain About Height, Parking

The group is now pitching a five-story building with 37 apartments, 31 parking spaces and an amenity space that will accommodate residents making less than $17,000.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

After Last Mass At St. Adalbert Church In Pilsen, Local Alderman Moves To Get Control Over Future Plans For The Site

Ald. Byron Sigcho Lopez will push to change the church's zoning to ensure the community has a say in what will replace it.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop
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