The Field Museum's new special exhibit will feature the skeleton of a plesiosaur. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

CHICAGO — The Loch Ness monster — or, rather, something like it — is coming to the Field Museum.

The museum announced Thursday it will host a special exhibit, called Jurassic Oceans: Monsters of the Deep, featuring more than 100 fossils and models of ancient creatures that roamed the oceans. The exhibit opens this summer.

Among the fossils and models will be those of enormous reptiles that resembled the Loch Ness monster, as well as tinier creatures like sea lilies, dubbed “strange starfish cousins” by the museum. There will also be a skeleton of a plesiosaur, a model of an icthyosaur and the fossilized tail of a 30-foot-long Leedsichthys, “one of the biggest fish ever discovered,” according to the museum.

Besides Jurassic creatures, there will be more modern animals features: Fans of sharks can see a replica of the 10-foot-wide jaws of a now-extinct Megalodon, and there will be real specimens of existent reptiles like crocodiles, turtles and iguanas.

There will also be CGI projections that will allow attendees to “come face-to-face with marine predators and other friendly marine life,” according to the museum.

Visitors will be able to touch fossils, learn about the creatures through touchscreen displays and touch textures that replicate the skins of sea creatures, according to the Field.

The exhibit will open June 12 and run until Jan. 3. Twitter @BauerJournalism