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What’s The Worst Pothole In Chicago? Send Us Your Photos And We’ll Try To Get Them Fixed

Block Club Chicago wants photos of the gnarliest potholes in your neighborhood.

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CHICAGO — Pothole season is in full swing, messing up city roads — and commutes. And tires. And hubcaps. And axles.

The year’s wacky, quickly changing weather means roads are in rough shape, full of cracks and gnarly potholes that can damage cars, splatter coffee and make even bus drivers swerve. And getting the city to reimburse you for a damaged car isn’t easy: It can take more than a year, and most drivers won’t get full reimbursements.

So Block Club Chicago is asking readers to send us photos of the biggest, deepest potholes you see. We’ll rank the potholes and work to get the worst ones fixed. A squeaky wheel, you know …

Tweet your photos to @BlockClubChi or email them to reporter Kelly Bauer at (please use the subject “Pothole Contest”). Be sure to tell us exactly where you snapped the photo. And try to (safely!) get some context into the picture, like a ruler or a basketball or a Great Dane. Even the biggest potholes look like the rest of the bunch without a frame of reference.

The deadline to send photos is Feb. 22. We’ve got Block Club t-shirts, subscriptions, tote bags and other cool stuff for the winners to choose from.