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Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools

President Biden Was Asked About Chicago Teachers Returning To Schools — And Union And CPS Find Support In His Comments

Biden did not directly weigh in on the impasse between the union and district, but said schools should be safe before teachers return.

CPS Parents Who Have Chosen In-Person Learning For Their Kids Beg Teachers Not To Potentially Strike

“At long last, they have returned to their education and established routines and learned safety protocols,” one parent said. “The disruption of a strike for these vulnerable children is traumatizing and will impact their education and mental health.”

Chicago Teachers Will Work Remotely Monday, Defying CPS Orders. If District Locks Them Out, They’ll Strike.

Thousands of CPS teachers were supposed to report to the classroom Monday, but they'll work remotely instead. The decision comes as many have expressed concerns about spreading coronavirus.

1 In 5 CPS Students Attended In-Person Classes During First Week, District Numbers Show

Attendance data was released amid an escalating battle between CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union. Hundreds of students who initially chose classroom learning switched to virtual learning as school resumed this month.

Some Chicago Teachers Say They’re Prepared To Strike But District Says It’s Illegal

“We absolutely need to continue remote teaching Monday. We’re not ready. We’re just not ready and many teachers are in my position,” one teacher said.

Hibbard Elementary

CPS Teachers Work Outside Avondale Shops To Protest School Reopening: It’s ‘Not Just About Us’

Shop owners lent teachers tables and shared their wifi in a show of support. "To have [their] support ... it makes us feel like we're doing the right thing," one teacher said.

Chicago Teachers Union Asking All Teachers To Work Remotely Starting Monday

Thousands of CPS teachers are slated to report to the classroom Monday, but the teachers union is asking its members to work remotely instead. A majority of teachers will have to approve the plan for it to go into effect.

Chicago Teachers Might Vote This Week To Strike, Sources Say

Union leaders plan to discuss whether teachers might refuse to work in schools but continue working online, which doesn't fit the definition of a traditional strike.

CPS Boss Says Parents Who Want Schools Open Are Being ‘Drowned Out’ By Teachers Union

CPS CEO Janice Jackson said as negotiations with the CTU continue, the conversation has to be “about how to reopen schools safely, not a debate around whether or not schools should reopen.”

CPS Parents Slam District’s Decision To Lock Teachers Out Of Virtual Classrooms As School Reopening Battle Rages On

“I’m angry that my daughter was cut off from her teacher so suddenly and given something so far below the quality of instruction she was getting,” one parent said.

Avondale Shop Owners Letting Teachers Work Outside Their Businesses To Protest CPS Reopening

"I just want to help out and make sure the teachers' concerns are being heard," one business owner said.

After Coronavirus Hits McCutcheon, Teachers Urge A Halt To Reopening: ‘I Don’t Feel Safe Returning To School’

Two McCutcheon staffers contracted coronavirus in the past week and eight others have been forced to quarantine. That has caused staffing shortages as some students return to classrooms.

COVID-19 Cluster At Uptown’s McCutcheon School Leaves 8 Staffers Quarantined, Just 1 Teacher In Building, Union Says

The Uptown elementary school is in "chaos" due to the coronavirus cases, Chicago Teachers Union officials said.

Locked Out Of Digital Classrooms, CPS Teachers Take Fight Against In-Person Learning To Del Valle’s Door

Teachers attempting to sign in to virtual classrooms were blocked Tuesday after the district locked out teachers who refused to return to the classroom because of coronavirus.

Teacher At Uptown’s McCutcheon School Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Forcing Principal, 4 Others Into Quarantine

School will continue as planned despite the positive cases, CPS said. But staffers say they're concerned it took days to notify others about the infection.

Making Teachers Do Remote And In-Person Lessons At Same Time Is Like ‘Trying To Ride 2 Horses With 1 Ass,’ Ald. Says

A City Council hearing aimed to force CPS officials to answer questions on the school reopening plan, but Chicago Teachers Union officials weren't invited, angering aldermen.

Chicago Schools Create Once-Monthly Coronavirus Testing Program For Staff As Students Return

While teachers have been asking the district to implement testing of students and staff if they are to return, CPS' plan applies only to staff on a once-monthly, voluntary basis.

Handful Of Kids Return To Mozart Elementary In Logan Square: ‘We Pray … That Everything Is Going To Be OK’

“It will be better for us so we can work and leave the house," one parent said. "I will have more time to work now.”

As Chicago Kids Head Back To School After 300 Days At Home, Some Parents Are Relieved — But Teachers Worry

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPS chief Janice Jackson have said schools are safe for in-person learning. Teachers disagree.

Teachers Union Blasts Mayor, CPS Chief For Threatening To Discipline, Dock Pay Of Those Who Don’t Report To School

One teacher calls returning to school a "life and death" decision while Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson say schools must open to prevent students from falling behind.

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