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Samantha Smylie, Chalkbeat Chicago

Gov. Pritzker Says He Will Sign Bill To Establish Elected School Board In Chicago

The bill would phase in a fully elected Chicago school board by 2027, taking that authority out of the mayor's hands for the first time.


In Haste, Illinois Senate Passes Compromise Bill For An Elected School Board In Chicago

Mayor Lori Lightfoot opposes an elected board and made a late push for a board that would be partially elected and partially appointed.


Can A Compromise Be Reached On Chicago’s Elected School Board? Senate President ‘Confident’

Legislators are weighing a bill that would create a 21-person elected school board in Chicago by 2023, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot backs a bill to create a 7-member board with a majority of it appointed.


Hybrid Or Elected School Board? Lightfoot Proposal Stirs Debate In Springfield

Sen. Kimberly Lightford said she will sponsor the mayor’s bill for a partly elected and partly appointed “hybrid” board. But Wednesday, Lightford criticized a bill to create a fully elected board, then voted for it.


Chicago Could Bring Some Special Education Students Into School For Services Under New Plan

Since buildings closed in the spring, parents of children with disabilities have sounded the alarm, saying they aren’t able to meet the complex needs of their children the way a raft of school professionals could.


For Parents Of Children With Disabilities, Remote Learning Feels Like Another Full-Time Job

Chicago Public Schools has pledged this year will be better for students in special education. But it’s still unclear how the district will provide some services virtually.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

‘They Know What They See’: Chicago Educators Reach Out To Students About Racism, Police Brutality After George Floyd’s Death

“We need to be present, we need to be available, we need to be accessible. Even if you don’t know what to say, show up and be present.”


Schools Could Reopen In The Fall, Lightfoot Says — But Teachers Union Disagrees

Lightfoot said Friday that there are “different options” on the table. “Having alternate days. Kind of a platoon circumstance. Really limiting the number of kids that are in a classroom at any given time."


For Chicago Homeless Students, School Provided More Than An Education. Here’s How They Are Coping

Homeless children already endured instability and uncertainty before a pandemic swiftly closed schools that fed, sheltered and educated them by day.