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What is Block Club?
We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) neighborhood news site, covering news all around Chicago. We are a subscription-based site, but a lot of our content, including breaking crime news, is free.

How do I subscribe?
It’s easy. Just click here to sign up. You can either choose a monthly subscription ($6 a month) or an annual subscription ($59 a year).

What do I get with a subscription?
A subscription gives you access to all of our content and our neighborhood newsletters, which are curated to offer just the news from the areas important to you. A subscription also helps keep local news coverage alive in these increasingly challenging times for news coverage.

Can I make a tax-deductible donation?
Yes. You can donate here. Or you can send a check to Block Club Chicago, 303 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 2106, Chicago, IL, 60601. 

You can also email Maple Walker Lloyd, our development director, at for more information. 

Do you have group subscription rates?
Yes, we do. Send an email to for more information and rates.

Do you send free breaking news text alerts?

Yes, you can sign up for our breaking news text alerts here.

How do I contact you?

You can send news tips, comments, story ideas, press releases, cute animal photos, etc. to You can also text or call us at 312/860-0020.

We also encourage you to reach out directly to our neighborhood reporters with tips. Their names, neighborhoods and contact info is here.

I’m getting too many or too few newsletters. How do I change that?
Just go to “Manage Newsletters” in your account settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the blue Block Club Chicago logo in the bottom right corner of the site. Make sure you’re logged in. You’ll find a list of our newsletters. Just put a check mark next to the ones you want.

I used to get newsletters, but they stopped.
Sometimes, an errant “unsubscribe” click at the top or bottom of an email is to blame. Just send an email to and we can send you a re-confirmation link.

I have a subscription, but I’m being blocked from reading. Why?
First of all, thank you! This usually means that you are not logged into your account. If you have a subscription and you’re logged in, you should never see the “Read More” box in a story.

Click on the blue Block Club Chicago logo in the bottom right corner of the page to see if you’re logged in. If it says “My Account” with a list of options, you’re logged in. If it says “Join or Log In,” you’re not. So click “Join or Log In,” enter the email associated with your account. You’ll get sent an email Magic Link. Get that email, click the link and you’ll be returned to the site logged in.

If you’re logged in AND you’re being blocked, try logging out and back in. If that fails, send an email to and we’ll get it sorted out ASAP.

Can I use a password?
Yes! Go to your account settings by clicking the blue Block Club Chicago logo in the bottom right corner. Click Edit Profile. You can create a password there and avoid the Magic Link system going forward. Passwords are particularly helpful if you’re reading our stories within the Facebook or Twitter apps on your phone or tablet.

When I click on your stories from Facebook or Twitter, why am I getting blocked despite having a subscription?
Sometimes, when reading within social media apps on your phone or tablet, the apps themselves don’t know you are logged in. We recommend creating a password in the Edit Profile section of your account settings.

I don’t have a subscription yet, but I’m still able to read some stories. Why?
We offer five free stories to readers each month. Plus, our COVID-19, breaking crime and public service stories are free. We also unlock a host of other stories, including stories about the South and West sides.

How do I renew my subscription?
Our subscription payments are recurring payments, so when your month or year is up, you will be automatically renewed. You can change that in your account settings.

Who is Pico?
Pico is our subscription partner. They handle the subscription sign-in software and payments.

What about Stripe? 
Stripe is our payment processor.

Can I pay for a membership by check?

Yes. Make your $59 check payable to Block Club Chicago, and mail it to: Block Club Chicago, 303 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 2106, Chicago, IL, 60601. Make sure you include your email address. We’ll contact you when you receive it and activate your account.

What if I need to update my credit card information? 

You can update your credit card information at

What if I need a receipt?

Email  and we will get one to you ASAP.

Do you have an RSS feed?


Why aren’t there comments available on stories?

We are working on making comments available to our paying subscribers. Until then, you can always comment on the stories posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.