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Chicago’s Commuters Will Spend $142,880 On Driving To, From Work During Their Lifetimes: Report

They're also driving so far that they could've circled the Earth nine times instead of traveling to and from work.

Bart Shore
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DOWNTOWN — Chicago’s drivers are spending a lot of money to get to and from work, according to a new report.

On average, Chicago’s drivers will spend about $142,880 on gas and car maintenance related to commuting over a lifetime, according to a new report from Educated Driver. During that time, they’ll drive about 225,000 miles commuting back and forth — enough miles that they could’ve circled the Earth nine times.

The city’s sedan drivers have it the cheapest (they’re expected to shell out about $136,800) while those in SUVs will pay about $173,925, according to the report. Minivan drivers are in the middle with lifetime costs of $146,925 for commuting.

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Compared to other cities, Chicago’s drivers have a more expensive and lengthy commute: The average American driver will pay $108,727 and drive 173,203 miles over a lifetime of commuting, according to the report, which analyzed commuting in nearly 100 major cities.

But Chicago’s far from the most expensive: Atlanta’s drivers will spend the most on their commute, with the average driver doling out $175,104. After Atlanta is Houston ($174,314) and Dallas ($166,896).

The report calculated the costs and distance by estimating the average person works 250 days per year over 45 years. It also used data from AAA and the Census Bureau to calculate how long commuters drive and the total cost per mile of using a car.

A similar report from Educated Driver estimated Chicagoans spend more than a year out of their lives commuting.