CHICAGO — Kids from Garfield Park helped put up an inspirational mural on a violence-plagued block in their neighborhood.

The mural, which says “You are beautiful,” was painted on the side of a convenience store near Homan Avenue and Walnut Street. The project was done this month, and the mural runs the length of the half-block-long convenience store.

Artist Matthew Hoffman led the project, but his group teamed up with Breakthrough, an East Garfield organization that provides opportunities for kids, so children from the neighborhood could help paint the message.

The mural “was acting as a reclaiming of this block by the children in our youth network at Breakthrough Urban Ministries,” a spokeswoman for the group said.

The group said the corner of Walnut and Homan has been a particularly violent intersection on the West Side.

Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist known for public artwork that focuses on inspirational words and messages.

Photos of the artwork being painted:

A girl paints “You are beautiful” on the side of a store in Garfield Park. Credit: Provided
Credit: Provided
Credit: Provided
Credit: Provided
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