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John Stamos Met With His Biggest Superfans: Riot Fest

Have mercy.

Musician and actor John Stamos (left) met Jeremy Scheuch, the creative director of Riot Fest, on Friday.
Jeremy Scheuch/Twitter
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CHICAGO — Riot Fest has long been obsessed with John Stamos.

It started with a butter sculpture in 2013. The soft, creamy bust of Stamos was made by the “Jay Z of food art.” After that came an exhibition of art — all of it featuring Stamos. Then there was the birthday party the festival’s organizers threw for Stamos (perhaps an unorthodox move, given they didn’t know Stamos).

Finally, it all paid off Friday: The festival’s creative director, Jeremy Scheuch, got to meet Stamos. Except he didn’t just meet Stamos … he also got to get on stage at Ravinia with the actor-musician and sing “Barbara Ann.” (Stamos was in town to perform with the Beach Boys.)

“Welp Stamos just pulled us onstage to [sing] ‘Barbara Ann’ so now I’m dead,” Scheuch tweeted, presumably from the grave.

Stamos played it cool, though, waiting until the next day to casually tweet out, “Thank you, Riot Farce.”

Have mercy.