Legendary House DJ Deeon Boyd passed away from an undisclosed illness Monday. Credit: Provided.

GRAND BOULEVARD — Chicago House DJ Deeon Boyd has died.

A post from the administrator of his Facebook page announced the passing of the legendary artist and producer Monday night. The cause of death has not been disclosed. He was 56.

Several days earlier, Boyd posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed, asking for prayers from supporters. The artist had been dealing with health issues for the last year, sharing that he’d suffered a mild heart attack on Father’s Day.

The family said they will share funeral arrangements in the coming days.

A Facebook post announced the death of DJ Deeon Boyd. Credit: Facebook/DJ Deeon

Known as a “ghetto house” pioneer, Boyd got his start on the Chicago House scene in the early ’90s with hits like “Let Me Bang” and “Da Bomb.” His music would take him overseas, where he spun for audiences in London and Paris.

According to AllMusic.com, Boyd spent his early years playing house parties and selling his mixtapes in parking lots on the South Side. After getting a Roland 606 and 303, he began producing his own tracks by taking the trademark Chicago House sound and adding explicit lyrics, creating a new genre of House music.

After the death of longtime friend and fellow DJ Paul Johnson from COVID-19 in August 2021, Boyd told Block Club that one of his fondest memories was when the two threw an all-night party, spinning records and dancing with girls.

“His reach was universal. He was just a cool, friendly guy. And there was nothing he wouldn’t share with you,” Boyd said. “He would take my cassettes, remaster them and make them suitable enough to put them out there.”

Fans and colleagues took to social media to share similar remembrances of Boyd, including dance group House-O-Matics, who credited the artist with being a “major force.”

“Made so many tracks with our name in them that was played around the world. We teamed up and gave the BEST PARTIES at the Sutherland Ballroom, the Elk Lodge, Saint Elizabeth, the Boys and Girls Club on 51st and Federal, the Limelight, etc. You have made away for so many Dj’s and producers to do what they do. We appreciate you KING DJ Deeon,” wrote a member on a Facebook post.

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