Neighbors created a small vigil outside the home of Karina Gonzalez and Daniela Alvarez, right, who were fatally shot by Jose Alvarez — Gonzalez's husband and Daniela Alvarez's father. Credit: Provided/GoFundMe

LITTLE VILLAGE — A Little Village man charged with killing his wife and daughter and wounding his son attacked his family after fighting with his wife and accusing her of cheating on him, prosecutors said.

Jose Alvarez, 67, is accused of fatally shooting his wife Karina Gonzalez, 48, and his 15-year-old daughter Daniela Alvarez, prosecutors said. He also shot and injured his 18-year-old son Jesus Emmanuel Alvarez, officials said.

Alvarez was arrested Monday and was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm, police said. He was expected to appear in bond court Wednesday afternoon but his case was postponed until Thursday so his attorney could appear with him.

Cook County Judge David Kelly ordered Alvarez held without bail, and he can’t have contact with any of the witnesses in the case or his son.

Prosecutors shared more details Thursday about Alvarez and his family, and what they think led to the shooting.

Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Anne McCord said Alvarez has a history of alcohol and drug abuse and has verbally abused his wife for years. He “constantly” accused his wife of cheating on him and his kids of conspiring with her, she said.

On June 20, Gonzalez and her kids left Alvarez and their home and stayed with a family member, McCord said. Gonzalez was awarded an order of protection against her husband the following day, she said.

Gonzalez and her kids returned home June 26 with the understanding Alvarez would enter rehab, McCord said. However, the abuse began again, McCord said.

Alvarez owns a Glock 17 9mm-handgun and had a previously valid FOID card, but it was revoked with the order of protection, McCord said.

McCord and Alvarez’s attorney said the order of protection was never served to him.

On July 2, Gonzalez, Daniela and Emmanuel returned to their Little Village home around 10 p.m., and Alvarez once again accused his wife of cheating on him, McCord said.

Gonzalez was in the kitchen while the two kids were in the living room when Alvarez began arguing with his wife, McCord said. Gonzalez told him to stop and went into the living room with her kids. When Alvarez followed her and continued arguing, his son told him to stop or he would call the police, McCord said.

Emmanuel then left the living room to go toward his bedroom, McCord said. Alvarez followed him and entered his own bedroom, where he grabbed a gun from under his pillow, McCord said. Emmanuel ran from his father and took cover under a table, McCord said.

Alvarez entered the living room and shot Gonzalez and Daniela multiple times while they were sitting on the couch, McCord said. He then shot at Emmanuel while the teen covered himself with a chair, McCord said.

Gonzalez was shot eight times and was pronounced dead in the home, McCord said. Daniela was shot twice and was still breathing when police arrived on the scene. Daniela was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died of her injuries, McCord said.

Emmanuel was shot once in the ankle and managed to run of the house and call 911, McCord said.

Surveillance footage in the area picked up the sound of 14 gunshots and video of Emmanuel running from his house, McCord said. Police recovered 14 shell casings at the scene, she said. Six of the casings were matched to Alvarez’s gun, prosecutors said.

Cook County Public Defender Loveleen Ahuja told the court Alvarez has mental health issues and has tried to seek treatment since September. She said he was put on a waiting list and hasn’t received any treatment.

Ahuja said he’s lived in Chicago for 50 years and used to be a truck driver. He has no other criminal background, she said.

Alvarez’s next court date is July 26.

A GoFundMe was set up to help cover funeral expenses for Gonzalez and Daniela as well as medical costs for Emmanuel. The fundraiser has collected nearly $17,000 as of Thursday afternoon.

“Funds are being raised for Emmanuel’s recovery and to ease the financial burdens of this nightmare,” the family wrote in the GoFundMe. “He is living through the worst days of his life, and while he is safe with his immediate needs met in the care of our family, there are many challenges to navigate in the days, months, and years ahead.”

“Emmanuel would like to thank everyone for the support over the last few days with special recognition and appreciation to the neighbors that gave him shelter in the aftermath and those that have provided critical details to the authorities about the event.”