Attorneys at First Defense Legal Aid are demanding that the city council get serious about defending the constitutional rights of people in the custody of the Chicago Police Department. First Legal Defense Aid

Lawyers Say City Council Members Are Dodging Plan To Give Detainees Their Prompt Phone Call — So They’re Jumping In The Freezing Lake

To protest the long periods of time people go without being able to contact family or a lawyer, the First Defense Legal Aid team is jumping in the freezing lake.

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After Kushner Blames Coronavirus Failures On States, Pritzker Fires Back: ‘It’s Called The UNITED States of America’

"What the heck has the Trump administration been doing over the last three-and-a-half years?" Mayor Lori Lightfoot added.

Wear A Mask If You Leave Your Home, Gov. Pritzker Says

"Wearing something to cover your face is a good idea based upon what the science says," the governor said.

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53 More People Die From Coronavirus In Illinois As Cases Surge To Nearly 9,000

There have now been 210 deaths in the state and 8,904 confirmed cases.