Attorneys at First Defense Legal Aid are demanding that the city council get serious about defending the constitutional rights of people in the custody of the Chicago Police Department. First Legal Defense Aid

Lawyers Say City Council Members Are Dodging Plan To Give Detainees Their Prompt Phone Call — So They’re Jumping In The Freezing Lake

To protest the long periods of time people go without being able to contact family or a lawyer, the First Defense Legal Aid team is jumping in the freezing lake.

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North Lawndale’s Frazier Charter School Faces Closure

The school is one of two charters that CPS said were on academic probation but failed to improve enough for the district to keep the schools open.

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Who Showed Up To Work Today? Who Knows. Aldermen Reject Taking Attendance, Night Meetings With Neighbors

Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson's effort to require City Council committees to determine whether a majority of aldermen are present before starting meetings ran into a buzzsaw of opposition.

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Hey, 1st Ward Residents: Here’s Your Chance To Tell Ald. La Spata How To Spend Money

Help Ald. Daniel La Spata (1st) choose which alleys, sidewalks, traffic signals and street lights need repaired in 2020.