CTA needs your votes to bring home the inaugural Transit Challenge trophy (er, certificate).Facebook

It’s CTA Vs. NJ Transit In Bracket Battle For Transit Supremacy — Do The East Coast-ers Have A Chance? Fuhgeddaboudit

Sixteen transit agencies entered the inaugural Transit Bracket Challenge. Only two are still standing — Chicago needs your votes to win.

Chicago Lakefront Will Hopefully Reopen ‘Soon,’ Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says

Lightfoot wants a plan focused on "safely minimizing crowding and, really, having some designated times for particular activities along the lakefront."

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Chicago’s 9 P.M. Curfew Continuing This Weekend, Mayor Lightfoot Says

"We'll look and see what the weekend brings, and if we continue to see this then I'll be the first one to embrace eliminating a curfew," Lightfoot said. "But we're not there yet."

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Fuzzy Newborn Penguins Are At Shedd Aquarium — And Baby Whales And Dolphins Are On The Way

The aquarium announced the pregnancies of two beluga whales and one Pacific white-sided dolphin, who are due this summer.