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Ward maps

Ward maps
Ward maps

Ravenswood Manor Residents Want Neighborhood Kept Intact In New Ward Map

Both maps under consideration aim to preserve a Latino majority in the 33rd Ward, alderpeople say. But neighbors think the dividing lines don't make sense.

Albany Park

City Council’s Black Caucus Offers To Give Up A Ward To Cut A Deal In Redrawn Map Battle

The Black Caucus members have resisted demands to reduce the number of Black-majority wards as the city's map is redrawn. Now, they propose trading one majority Black ward to add a majority Latino ward.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

The City’s Ward Boundaries Are Decided By A Few Powerful Aldermen. What If Maps Were Drawn ‘For Chicagoans, By Chicagoans’ Instead?

Gerrymandering has long led to frankenstein ward boundaries that don't serve residents. A civic group says it's time for Chicagoans to take over the process.