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school resource officers

school resource officers
school resource officers

CPS Agrees To Take 1 Officer Out Of Each Of 24 Schools That Voted For Removal

The decision to respect schools' wishes comes after the district's safety chief initially said two cops would temporarily remain at the high schools that voted to keep only one officer.


Hyde Park Academy Changes Course; Will Keep 1 Campus Police Officer But Replace Other With New Staff Member

Principal Antonio Ross said the school is positioned well to go to one officer next year and have a staffer trained in restorative justice support different initiatives around the school.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

Chicago Will Limit When Schools Call Police. Do Changes Go Far Enough?

Under the student code of conduct approved Wednesday, school administrators should only dial 911 when there is an immediate threat of danger or harm to those on school grounds.


Hyde Park Academy Votes To Keep Police Officers On Campus

Seven of 11 council members voted to keep two officers on campus, while two voted to keep one officer and two voted to remove both officers.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

In Chicago, The Debate Over School Police Isn’t Over — It’s Just Quieter

Chicago’s school councils are again considering whether to keep school police. But the conversation looks different this time.


Here’s How Chicago Schools Voted On Police In Schools So Far

So far, 33 councils have decided to retain the police program, while 12 councils will remove police from schools. More than 70 schools with police officers will need to vote by Friday.


Back Of The Yards College Prep Votes Out Police; 5th CPS School To Remove Cops From Campus

Local school council members voted 6-5 in favor of eliminating school resource officers from the South Side school Monday morning.

Back of the Yards

Solorio Academy Votes To Keep Cops On Campus

The Gage Park school joins a growing list of Chicago high schools that have opted in recent weeks to keep school resource officers in place.

Bridgeport, Chinatown, McKinley Park

Farragut Career Academy Votes To Keep Police On Little Village Campus

More than 70 schools have to vote on the hotly debated issue of cops in schools by Aug. 15.

Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards

Pilsen High School Votes Out Police, Becoming Second CPS School To Eliminate Cops On Campus

Benito Juarez council members want CPS to use the funding for more social workers, counselors, nurses and restorative justice programs.

Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards

Roberto Clemente School Council Wants Police Out — But First They Want To Hear From Neighbors

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools chief Janice Jackson don't support unilaterally removing officers, and say local school councils should make the final call.

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town