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Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich
Rod Blagojevich

State Senator Gets Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich To Record Video Saying Law To End Cash Bail Is ‘F–ing Golden’

The Cameo video was a surprise, as Blagojevich doesn't seem to be a fan of the law. He also called governor hopeful Darren Bailey "Dare Bear."


Criminal Justice Reform Activists: If Blago Wants To Help Prisoners, He Needs To Listen To Them — And Get Over Himself

Local activists and advocates offer advice to the self-proclaimed "political prisoner"-turned-prison reformer.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

Blagojevich Ignored Prisoners Who Sought The Mercy He Was Given — And They Actually Apologized, Ex-Gov. Pat Quinn Says

Former Gov. Pat Quinn inherited a huge backlog of clemency petitions from Blagojevich. They all contained something Illinois never got from the now-free governor: an apology.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Blagojevich’s Barber Likes The Gray Hair, Looking Forward To Working On That Famous Mane Again

Peter Vodovoz, owner of Mr. Barber of Chicago, said he likes the natural look Blagojevich got while in prison. But he needs a trim.


Blagojevich Circus Includes Ronnie Woo Woo, Neighbors Calling Cops On News Helicopters And More

"The helicopters were circling like vultures all last night," one neighbor said.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Rod Blagojevich Praises Trump, Tells Illinois Voters He Was Persecuted: ‘I Didn’t Let You Down’

The former governor addressed throngs of reporters and fans outside his Ravenswood Manor home Wednesday.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Rod Blagojevich Lands In Chicago After Release From Federal Prison: ‘There’s No Place Like Home’

Blagojevich, back in Chicago after eight years in prison, has "everlasting gratitude" for President Trump, considers himself a "Trumpocrat" now and says he broke no laws.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

Rod Blagojevich Is Out Of Federal Prison: ‘Misfortune Has Silvered My Hair,’ He Tells WGN

On Tuesday, Rod Blagojevich was released from federal prison. He was interviewed by WGN in Denver's airport and flew back to Chicago with ABC Chicago's Chuck Goudie.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Lightfoot Blasts Trump’s Commutation Of Blagojevich: It ‘Sends Entirely The Wrong Message’

“Blagojevich is a real touchstone for a lot of people of what is wrong in Illinois politics,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.


When Rod Blagojevich Comes Home, His Ravenswood Neighbors Say They’ll Be Glad To See Him

"I have tears in my eyes. I’m thrilled. It was way too long,” neighbor Beth Baniecki said.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Rod Blagojevich’s Sentence Commuted By President Donald Trump: ‘He Seems Like A Very Nice Person’

“Yes, we commuted the sentence of Rod Blagojevich,” Trump told reporters Tuesday. “He served eight years in jail, a long time."

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park