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Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Lightfoot’s 2022 Budget Provides Cash Help For Families In Need And Leans On Federal Pandemic Funds To Close Gap

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's plan includes $635 million for affordable housing and $135 million for violence prevention, among other initiatives.


Longtime DuSable Park Advocates Say Lightfoot Has Left Them Out Of Her $40 Million Plan To Finally Build Park

The coalition says the development of DuSable Park should not be "tethered" to a private development nearby that could provide $10 million toward the park's construction.


A West Side Vacant Lot Will Soon Become A Roller Rink And Community Plaza

The roller rink will be built along a troubled street in an effort to use public investment and community engagement to deter crime and help revitalize the area.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

Police Misconduct Database Stalls After City Watchdog Yanks Support From Watered-Down, Lightfoot-Backed Ordinance

The proposed ordinance was scheduled for a committee vote Monday, but several aldermen opposed it after last-minute changes.


As Auburn Gresham Residents Push Back On City-Backed Affordable Housing, Lightfoot And Other Leaders Plead Their Case

The $20 million affordable housing complex is part of the city's Invest South/West program. Mayor Lori Lightfoot told residents the project would be catalytic for 79th Street.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

During Record-Breaking Snowfall, Some South Shore Side Streets Went Weeks Without Being Plowed, City Records Show

The city's plow truck tracker showed some blocks in South Shore were not plowed for two weeks. Then officials took the tracker offline and disputed its results.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

Teachers Union Blasts Mayor, CPS Chief For Threatening To Discipline, Dock Pay Of Those Who Don’t Report To School

One teacher calls returning to school a "life and death" decision while Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson say schools must open to prevent students from falling behind.


$94 Million Property Tax Hike Is Coming After Divided Council Votes Yes

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s 2021 pandemic budget and tax hike were approved Tuesday in the closest budget vote since the 1980s.


Aldermen Fight Back On Proposed Property Tax Increase As City Tries To Fill $1.2 Billion Budget Hole

The tax hike is one tool Lightoot’s "pandemic budget" relies on to close an estimated $1.2 billion budget gap, but it’s drawn the most heat among aldermen.


Layoffs Averted, But Sticking Points Remain As Budget Ordinances Set For Monday Rollout

The proposed property tax hike has some officials skeptical the mayor will have enough votes by Nov. 24, when the budget is scheduled for a final vote.