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Injustice Watch

COVID-19 Hospitalizations At Illinois Corrections Department Leave Incarcerated Peoples’ Loved Ones In The Dark

Illinois prison officials have long failed to inform families when their loved ones are hospitalized or fall ill, advocates said. Coronavirus has made matters worse.

Englewood, Chatham

In 2020, Cook County Voters Cast Ballots For Judges In Historic Numbers

Voters kicked out one judge up for retention and brought four others to the brink, marking the second election in a row that a Cook County judge lost a retention bid.


All Cook County Judges Up For Re-Election — Including Toomin — Likely To Keep Their Seats

Judge Michael Toomin, a 40-year veteran of the bench who presides over the court’s juvenile justice division, appeared likely to keep his seat with 62% “yes” votes as of Wednesday morning.


Injustice Watch Mailed Its Judicial Election Guide To 1,000 Detainees At Cook County Jail. They Never Received Them.

Officials, in error, flagged the guides as contraband and sent them back.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Southwest Side Construction Worker Quickly Deported To Mexico While Awaiting DACA Decision

With the Trump administration seeking to kill the Obama-era program for immigrants, Jesus Alberto ‘Beto’ Lopez Gutierrez, 25, was deported after suing ICE.

Midway, West Lawn

Students And Alums Reveal Racist Culture At Top Chicago Private School

Current and former Latin School of Chicago students are accusing students and teachers of racism and abuse on Latin Survivors, a new Instagram account.

Lincoln Park, Old Town

‘I Didn’t Envision Being Released In A Pandemic’

INJUSTICE WATCH: Curtis Ferdinand of the Ashburn neighborhood tells what it's like to be incarcerated — and released — amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Englewood, Chatham