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We celebrate Hot Dog Month, Chicago Style.


Superdawg’s Been A Chicago Icon For Decades. Here’s What Makes Their Hot Dogs So Special

The Far Northwest Side drive-in is still family-owned. Its hot dogs — excuse us, we meant "Superdawgs" — are particularly beloved.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

Chicago Made Hot Dog History By Matching 8 Buns To 8 Wieners In A ‘Piece Treaty’ Celebrated Across The Country

In 2005, Vienna Beef and Alpha Baking Company solved the age-old issue of buns and hot dogs being sold in different-sized packs.


Kosher Hot Dogs In Chicago: 12 Spots Where You Can Grab A Wiener To Eat Out Or Take Home

We rounded up Chicago spots where you can enjoy a classic hot dog while keeping kosher.


The Ultimate History Of Chicago’s Char Dog: The Underdog Sausage That’s Found A Home In Local Hearts

“My advice is: If you’re going to burn the hell out of something, make it a cheap dog and enjoy yourself.”


Want A Hot Dog … Without The Beef? Here Are 22 Veggie Dog Options In Chicago

Trying to get a Chicago-style dog sans the beef? We've got you covered with these local vegetarian and vegan spots.


Chicago Style: 40 Photos Of Hot Dogs — And The Stands We Love — To Make You Drool Today

PHOTOS: In Chicago, hot dogs aren't just a meal — they're a work of art.


Hot Dog … Gum? It Was A Huge Hit For ’90s Kids At Fluky’s, An Iconic West Ridge Hot Dog Spot

Fluky's was a beloved hot dog joint on the Far North Side — but what Chicagoans who grew up there remember is the miniature hot dog gum: “Even adults would come in and finish their meal and then ask for hot dog gum.”

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Vienna Beef Museum Closing, Won’t Reopen In Factory’s New Spot

The museum is only open until the end of the month.

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

Move Over, Food Trucks: This Hot Dog Bike Is Serving Up Gourmet, Locally Sourced Wieners Downtown

This cart is serving up specialty sausages, like the mac-n-cheese dog, with locally sourced ingredients.


Chicago’s 10 Oldest Hot Dog Stands Have Stayed Within Families For Decades

In honor of National Hot Dog Week, we highlight the Chicago spots that have been dragging it through the garden for decades.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale