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Ed Burke

Ed Burke
Ed Burke

New Park District Headquarters In Brighton Park Slated To Be Finished In 2023

The headquarters will include a 58,100-square-foot office space and a 20,000-square-foot field house with a gym and more.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

A List Of Chicago Aldermen Indicted, Raided Or Implicated By The Feds, Criminally Charged Or Convicted Since 2019

Chicago is routinely named the most corrupt city in the United States. We've had 30 aldermen convicted of corruption since 1973.


Longtime Street Vendor Forced To Shut Down, Outraging Southwest Side Activists, Residents

The vendor has sold Mexican ice cream at 56th Street and Kedzie Avenue in Gage Park for more than 12 years — but now she's been booted from the ward.

Back of the Yards

Has Your Alderman Been Indicted? New Website Highlights The History Of Corruption In City Hall — And Hopes You’ll Hold New Leaders Accountable

City Bureau's new website,, includes information on the aldermen for all 50 of the city’s wards.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

Despite Lightfoot’s Calls For His Resignation, Burke Remains Ahead Of Wednesday City Council Meeting

The Daily Line breaks down the agenda for Wednesday's City Council meeting, which may lead to another clash between embattled Ald. Ed Burke and Mayor Lori Lightfoot.


‘Ultimate Outsider’ Scott Waguespack Has Big Plans To Reform Ed Burke’s Finance Committee Fiefdom

"This was a broad scope, far-scale system that had been in place for far too long. We're going to change that."

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

Just Quit Now, Mayor Lightfoot Tells Ed Burke After He’s Indicted Under Racketeering Law Used Against Mobsters And Gangs

The feds hit the recently reelected alderman with harsher charges and revealed new taped conversations between him and former Ald. Danny Solis, who wore a wire.


Mayor Lori Lightfoot Shuts Down Ald. Ed Burke During Her 1st City Council Meeting: ‘I Will Call You When I’m Ready To Hear From You’

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's quick shutdown of longtime Ald. Ed Burke led to some applause at City Council on Wednesday.


Lightfoot Should Crack Down On Corruption ‘Week One’ With Sweeping Ethics Reforms, Board Urges

“People who are only self-interested are going to be opposed to this, and we’ll see what they do.”


Ald. Ed Burke Took Bribe From Portage Park Businessman To Get A Large Sign, Feds Say

Charles Cui, who transformed a long-vacant Six Corners bank building into a Binny’s Beverage Depot and gym, was charged Friday with bribing Burke.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

After Danny Solis’ Bombshell Federal Affidavit Is Unsealed, Disgraced Alderman Asks For Privacy

The federal affidavit alleged Solis received sex acts at massage parlors and campaign contributions in exchange for ushering deals through City Council.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Ald. Ed Burke Wins Re-Election In 14th Ward Despite Facing Federal Corruption Charges

Burke is one of four Chicago aldermen facing legal problems.


Ald. Ed Burke Is Giving Away Chicago Flag Winter Hats To Residents While Fighting Off The Feds, 2 Ward Challengers

Burke and his supporters have also given away hams, ice scrapers and key chains, said one 14th Ward resident.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

With Ald. Danny Solis And Ricardo Muñoz Missing In Action At City Hall, Little Village Industrial Plan Stalls

Since he was charged with domestic violence, Ald. Ricardo Muñoz has not been back to City Hall. Ald. Danny Solis has been missing since news broke that he wore a wire.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Can Chicago’s Political Scandals Save The Montford Point Marines Building?

As politicians scramble to shed campaign cash given to them by Ed Burke and Danny Solis, the Englewood center is reaping the benefits.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Ald. Danny Solis Secretly Recorded Ed Burke For The FBI, Sun-Times Reports

Solis is expected to resign immediately now that his role as an FBI informant has been made public, the Sun-Times reports.


Burke Spurns Calls To Drop His Bid For Re-election, But Change Is Coming To City Council Regardless

Five aldermen, including President Pro Tempore Margaret Laurino and Zoning Chairman Danny Solis, are not running for re-election.


Ald. Ed Burke Urged Burger King Franchisee To Donate To Preckwinkle Campaign, Extortion Charges Allege

Burke stepped down as chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee Friday morning.


Read Ald. Ed Burke’s Criminal Complaint Here

In a 37-page document, the feds reveal secretly-recorded Burke phone conversations.


Ald. Ed Burke Told To Give Up 23 Guns After Being Charged With Shaking Down Burger King

Burke is the longest-serving alderman in Chicago City Council history.

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