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cops in schools

cops in schools

CPS Board To Vote On Plan To Phase Out Police In Schools Wednesday

Most recently, 55 local school councils voted to keep police and 17 voted to remove them. Chicago Board of Education members have been split on the issue.

Despite Protests, Most Chicago Schools Voted To Keep Police. What’s Next?

Most schools where the student body is majority Black voted to keep cops on campus. The factors that led to the outcome are multifaceted and complex.

Von Steuben High School Votes To Keep In-School Police

Many said they supported having school resource officers at the North Park school, but they want the officers to interact more with the school community.

Here’s How Chicago Schools Voted On Police In Schools So Far

So far, 33 councils have decided to retain the police program, while 12 councils will remove police from schools. More than 70 schools with police officers will need to vote by Friday.

Westinghouse College Prep Votes To Keep School Officers After Several Delays

Dozens of Chicago public high schools must vote by the end of the week on school resource officers. The majority have opted to keep police officers on their campuses.

The Last Week Of Chicago School Council Police Votes Is This Week. Here Are The Details

A few schools have voted to remove school resource officers from campus. Here are the meetings this week.

Wells Community Academy Votes To Keep School Police Officers In Narrow Decision

No students attended Monday's virtual meeting, but three community members — including a prospective parent — urged the council to vote to remove police.

Lane Tech Local School Council Votes To Oust In-School Cops

“Seeing a gun in school is really disturbing. I find it uncomfortable every time I see it, and I can’t imagine what students experience when they see that — especially students of color,” said one parent.

Back Of The Yards College Prep Votes Out Police; 5th CPS School To Remove Cops From Campus

Local school council members voted 6-5 in favor of eliminating school resource officers from the South Side school Monday morning.

As Chicago Makes Headway On School Council Transparency, Some Say It Doesn’t Go Far Enough

CPS pledged to centrally track basic meeting information on cops in schools votes, but they aren't collecting meeting times or links to virtual meetings that are essential to public participation.

Two More Weeks Of Chicago School Council School Police Meetings To Go. Here Are The Details

Three councils have voted to remove resource officers from their schools already. Here are the meetings this week.

CPS Agreed To Pay School Police Officers’ Full Salary And Pensions — Up To $150,000 Per Year

New data shows what CPS’ contract with police calls for: a full year’s salary and benefits for 10 months of work.

Farragut Career Academy Votes To Keep Police On Little Village Campus

More than 70 schools have to vote on the hotly debated issue of cops in schools by Aug. 15.

Taft High School Votes To Keep Police On Campus, But LSC Chair Blasts CPS Process

“I still feel rushed [about this decision] and I don’t like feeling rushed,” Taft's principal said.

Roberto Clemente Ousts School Officers From Campus: ‘The Last Thing Our Kids Need Is More Policing’

The Humboldt Park high school is now the third Chicago public school to eliminate school police.

Chicago Schools Have 3 Weeks To Vote On School Police. Here Are The Details.

Two councils have voted in support of removing resource officers from their schools already. Here are the meetings this week.

In Turnaround, Chicago Promises To Track, Publicize Upcoming School Police Votes

The announcement comes after a joint investigation by Chalkbeat Chicago and Block Club Chicago spotlighted transparency issues with the public bodies.

Six Of Chicago’s Local School Councils Have Voted To Keep Police. Here’s The Full List.

Two schools have voted to remove police from campus. More than 70 schools with police officers will need to vote by Aug. 14.

Michele Clark High School Votes To Keep School Resource Officers

Though no students spoke at the meeting, the West Side school's principal said some students supported keeping police officers on campus.

Some Chicago School Councils Tasked With Voting On Police In Schools Aren’t Following The Rules

The process so far underscores long-standing issues around the transparency of the groups, how much they are supported and trained, and lackluster participation.

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