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Christopher Columbus statue

Christopher Columbus statue
Christopher Columbus statue

Permanent Removal Of Columbus Statues Would Be A Victory For Indigenous Groups, But Italian Americans Vow To Keep Fighting

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she "fully expects" the Columbus statue to return the Grant Park — but the city's monuments committee recommended they not be restored.


City’s Last Columbus Statue Removed In South Chicago

The 7-foot statue was part of the Drake Fountain and had sat for more than 100 years on a triangular island where 92nd Street and Exchange and Chicago avenues meet.

South Chicago, East Side

Will Douglas Park Be Renamed For Frederick Douglass? After Years Of Student Activism, Park District Calls Emergency Meeting To Decide

West Side students lobbied the city to rename the park for years to no avail. But after protesters tried to pull down the Columbus statue, the city is listening.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

Protesters Demanding Columbus Statue Be Torn Down Stop Traffic In South Loop Intersection For Hours

Activists said they won't rest until Mayor Lightfoot orders the statue to come down. "She will be hearing us and if she refuses to, then we’ll make her whole neighborhood hear us because she’s gonna have to hear them.”

South Loop

Will Columbus Statue Come Down After All? Mayor Says City Will ‘Examine’ All City Monuments

Chicago has few statues for Black people and women. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the city needs to "correct that problem."


Video Shows Coordinated ‘Ambush’ On Police At Columbus Statue With ‘Vigilantes’ Throwing Bottles, Fireworks, Sharpened PVC, Officials Say

Forty-nine officers were injured, including a sergeant who had a broken eye socket, Supt. David Brown said.


Lightfoot Condemns ‘Violent’ Protesters And Police After Clashes In Grant Park Over Columbus Statue

On Saturday morning, a group of aldermen and state lawmakers slammed CPD and Lightfoot's decision to use force to protect the statue.


Protesters Try To Tear Down Columbus Statue In Chicago As Clashes Between Police, Activists Turn Violent

Protesters nearly toppled a Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park before police intervened.