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Bike Lane Uprising

Bike Lane Uprising
Bike Lane Uprising

Video Shows Driver Crashing Into Light Post And Ghost Bike Where Cyclist Was Killed In Grant Park

Advocates urge the city to better protect bikers near the Lakefront Trail after the latest DuSable Lake Shore Drive Crash. It was " a painful reminder more needs to be done."


Mayor Lightfoot’s Car Caravan Parked In A Bike Lane So She Could Buy Doughnuts, Bike Advocates Say

Photos shared by a bike advocacy group showed cars parked in a bike lane outside Roeser's Bakery and what appeared to be Lightfoot inside Roeser's. "It is just egregious," one cyclist said.


Drivers Are Ignoring Flexi Posts At Lakefront Intersection Where A Cyclist Was Killed. City Officials Say More Fixes Are Coming

The flexi posts and paint follow a guerilla-style traffic study by local volunteers that highlighted the dangers cyclists and pedestrians face crossing DuSable Lake Shore Drive at Balbo Drive.


After Young Man Killed On Deadly NW Side Stretch, Advocates Ask: What Will It Take For City To Fix Milwaukee Ave.?

A driver hit and killed bicyclist Nick Parlingayan just across the street from where a driver killed bicyclist Carla Aiello in 2019. “It’s going to get much, much worse before it gets any better," one cyclist said.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Ghost Bike Put Up Downtown To Honor Gerardo Marciales — But Officials Say It’ll Likely Get Tossed Soon

The bikes are used to honor people killed by drivers, but police said this one could be too distracting. Marciales, 41, was killed Feb. 28 when a driver hit him as he rode through the crosswalk of DuSable Lake Shore Drive.


Driver Charged After Critically Injuring Cyclist In West Loop, Police Say

The driver allegedly tried to flee the scene, going several blocks with the victim's bike lodged under her car before witnesses were able to intervene and hold her until police arrived.


Could Drivers In Bike Lanes Be Ticketed If They’re Caught On Video? 2 Aldermen Are Considering It

Parking, driving or idling in bike lanes is punishable by a $150 ticket, but drivers still do it. Alds. Brendan Reilly and Andre Vasquez tweeted they are interested in using video evidence to crack down on drivers illegally in bike lanes.


It’s Been 2 Years Since The City’s Bicycle Safety Council Met. Advocates Are Pushing For It To Come Back

While the meetings have disappeared, the numbers of bicyclists killed and injured have gone up in Chicago.


13-Year-Old Bicyclist Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver Had Just Gotten His First Bike

Issac Martinez, 13, was killed Sunday evening. Mourners formed a "human protected bike lane" Tuesday evening in his honor.

Midway, West Lawn

Someone Quietly Decorated West Town’s Protected Bike Lanes And Cyclists Are Loving It

A holiday vigilante (or vigilantes) brought Christmas cheer to bike lane bollards along Milwaukee Avenue near Augusta Boulevard and Erie Street.

Wicker Park, Bucktown, West Town

A ‘Lack Of Hope’ Permeates Chicago’s Cyclist Community After Another Fatal Bike Crash On Stony Island

Lee Luellen, 40, became the second cyclist killed this on a stretch of road where aldermen rejected bike lanes in the past.

Hyde Park, Woodlawn, South Shore

‘Please Don’t Kill Us’: After Woman Killed In Fading Irving Park Bike Lane, 200 Cyclists Demand More Protection

Years ago, Northwest Siders rejected a plan to install protected bike lanes due to parking concerns. Now, a woman is dead and bicyclists are furious.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Ald. King To Discuss South Loop Bike Lanes At Tuesday Meeting

Will there be a happy compromise for cyclists and residents?

Plan For New Bike Lanes In The South Loop Delayed, But Alderman Insists They’re Still Coming

Cycling advocates want to know when new lanes, promised in 2016, are coming to Polk and Plymouth streets.

South Loop