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Anjanette Young

Anjanette Young
Anjanette Young

When Anjanette Young Was The Victim Of A Wrongful Police Raid, Slain Officer Ella French Showed Her Respect And Dignity, She Says

The family of a newborn baby wounded in a July shooting is also speaking out about Officer French's care for the community and dedication to her job.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Chicago Police Pointed Guns At Sleeping Children In Warrantless Raid Of Home, Lawsuit Alleges

Two children awoke with guns pointed at their heads, the suit says. They are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the complaint.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

Push To Ban No-Knock Search Warrants, Pointing Guns At Kids During Raids Debated By Chicago Police Officials, Aldermen

One proposal would eliminate no-knock warrants and require police officers to wait at least 30 seconds after knocking and announcing themselves before entering a home to execute a search warrant.


Anjanette Young Says Lightfoot Has ‘Betrayed’ Her As City Fights Lawsuit Over Wrongful Raid That Left Her Handcuffed And Naked

“I will continue to fight until I receive the justice that I am due," Young said Wednesday.


No-Knock Warrants Still Allowed Under New CPD Search Policy, Police Department Says — But Only In ‘Dangerous’ Situations

The reforms were first proposed in March after video of a 2019, wrong-address raid on Anjanette Young’s home was made public — despite city attempts to block the video's release.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Black Men Were Targeted In Chicago Police Warrants 25 Times More Than White Men, Inspector General Finds

The report also found the number of search warrant raids fell sharply in 2020 after the wrongful and humiliating raid on Anjanette Young's home.


Anjanette Young Calls On Aldermen To Support Search Warrant Changes In Her Name: ‘Do The Right Thing’

Young, who was left naked and handcuffed for 40 minutes as police conducted a wrongful raid on her home, is pushing for reform. But her supporters face an uphill battle without Mayor Lightfoot's support.


Search Warrant Policy Changes Would Ban Most No-Knock Raids After Anjanette Young Fiasco

The proposed changes are online and will be available for public review for 15 days.


Black Chicago Alderwomen Demand Search Warrant Reforms After Anjanette Young Raid

The Anjanette Young Ordinance would ban no-knock warrants and place tighter restrictions on the police's ability to get warrants. “We’re going to continue to push this until it happens,” Young said.


Anjanette Young Sues City, Cops Over Humiliating Wrongful Raid, Alleging Police Began An Immediate Coverup

Though some have asked Young whether recounting the graphic details of the raid adds to her trauma, she said she won't be silent. “I will tell it again today. I will tell it again tomorrow. I will tell it again until no other woman in the city of Chicago is ever treated that way again."

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop

Anjanette Young Calls For Police Accountability, Justice For Black Women At Her South Side Church

"I will tell [my story] again today. I will tell it again tomorrow. I will tell it again until no other woman in the city of Chicago is ever treated that way again," Young said at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event.

Bridgeport, Chinatown, McKinley Park

As Anjanette Young Meets With Mayor, City Watchdog Launches Investigation Into Wrongful Raid, Fallout

Inspector General Joe Ferguson told aldermen his office is investigating the police conduct surrounding the raid of Young's home and the city's handling of the ongoing controversy.


Chicago’s Police Watchdog Blocked Anjanette Young From Getting Video Of Wrongful Raid, Emails Show

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability — an agency meant to investigate police misconduct — intervened to stop the city from releasing police body cam footage to Young by opening an investigation into the raid the day the videos were to be turned over.


Newly Released Emails Show Mayor, Staff Discussing ‘Pretty Bad’ Anjanette Young Police Raid In 2019

The emails show Lightfoot asked her staff to include her on a call so she could learn more about what happened — even though, earlier this month, Lightfoot acknowledged she was told about the raid but she didn't "have any specific recollection" of it.


Anjanette Young, Lightfoot Meeting Called Off After Mayor Rejects Forum On Botched Raid, Attorney Says

The prospect of a meeting was raised over the weekend but was scuttled Monday after lawyers for the city and Young clashed on the terms. The mayor says she is still open to a private meeting.


Anjanette Young Wants Mayor Lightfoot To Meet Privately To Start ‘Healing Process’ After Botched Police Raid

Anjanette Young's home was mistakenly raided by police in February 2019. Newly released video of the raid has led to intense criticism of Lightfoot and how her administration handled the incident.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Aldermen Blast Lightfoot, Police Over Anjanette Young Raid: ‘This Should Have Been Alarming To Anyone That Looked At It’

The hearing came after days of intense backlash over the improper raid of Young's home and controversial revelations on how the Mayor's Office handled the issue.


After City’s Top Lawyer Quits, 2 More City Hall Staffers Out In Anjanette Young Police Raid Controversy

The departures of two staffers follow the resignation of Corporation Counsel Mark Flessner over the weekend and the move to put officers involved in the raid on desk duty.


Police Officers Involved In Botched Raid At Anjanette Young’s Home Put On Desk Duty

Fallout over the raid that wrongfully targeted Anjanette Young has continued with the city's top lawyer resigning and officers being taken off the street until an investigation is complete.


City’s Top Lawyer Resigns After Botched Police Raid, Court Fight To Keep Body Cam Video Secret

Corporation Counsel Mark Flessner resigned his $178,872-a-year job Sunday following a tumultuous week surrounding the police raid on social worker Anjanette Young's home.

Pilsen, Little Village, West Loop
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