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Al Capone

Al Capone
Al Capone

Rare Al Capone Letters From His Prohibition Days To Be Auctioned

The letters include Capone, Chicago's most infamous gangster, attempting to place an order with a bootlegger. Another has him telling a friend about nearly being murdered just days before.

West Loop

Did Al Capone Ever Dress Up As Santa? Unwrapping The Chicago-Style Rumor

A gentler holiday tale of Capone has emerged, with the gangster taking on the role of jolly old St. Nick instead of Prohibition kingpin. But is it true?


Want Al Capone’s Diamond-Encrusted Matchbook Holder? It’s Up For Auction With Other Items Owned By Famed Gangster

Al Capone’s granddaughters are auctioning off his belongings, from guns and family photographs to old watches and letters from prison.


Memory Of St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Can’t Be Erased By Lost Address

The story that's become a part of Chicago lore continues to entrance us every year on Valentine's Day.

Lincoln Park, Old Town

Exchequer Restaurant And Pub Turns 50 — But Its History As A Capone-Run Bar And Brothel Goes Back Even Further

The family-run restaurant at has seen the neighborhood completely transform since it opened in 1969: "We had baseball bats behind the bar and had to kick people out like crazy.”