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Sponsorship Guidelines

Block Club Chicago sponsors share Block Club Chicago’s belief that delivering reliable, nonpartisan and essential coverage of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods makes our city better informed and stronger. A core value of Block Club Chicago is that building community is essential to the success of a city and to all of its parts, including the news industry. Block Club supports advertisers, sponsors and contributors who help build community.

The guidelines immediately below address sponsor recognition messages that appear on Block Club Chicago platforms, including but not limited to email newsletters, podcasts, social media, on the Block Club website and associated with virtual and in-person events.

  1. All promotional messages must be clearly attributed to a readily identifiable sponsor and transparently distinguished from adjacent editorial content in accordance with Block Club’s standardized display guidelines.
  2. Block Club has an open access policy but reserves the right to reject individual sponsors at Block Club’s sole discretion. Block Club may reject support from any particular entity or terminate any sponsorship agreement at any time to preserve Block Club’s mission, objectivity and editorial independence.
  3. Block Club reserves the right to redirect and/or replace sponsorship messaging or materials with ad placements of equivalent value without sponsors’ prior authorization in the event of an unforeseen editorial conflict as determined by newsroom leadership.
  4. Block Club avoids messages with misleading language and products or services with questionable claims. Block Club reserves the right to reject any print, digital or audio promotional message at its discretion, including on the grounds that it is false, misleading, inaccurate or unsubstantiated; that it makes unfair competitive claims; or that it fails to comply with standards of decency and dignity.
  5. Block Club does not accept promotional messages that support or oppose any candidate for political office.
  6. Block Club reserves the right to reject promotional messages that express support or opposition to any policy issues.

Questions? Contact us at for more information or to book a meeting with Block Club Chicago staff.