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Sponsor A Subscription

We depend on you, dear readers, for our survival. But we also know that a news subscription is not in everyone’s budget. So, we have a new subscription option to help make our news accessible to everyone.

If you donate $50 or more, we will give a year-long subscription to a Chicagoan who can’t afford it.  

CLICK HERE TO DONATE A SUBSCRIPTION. Make sure you click on a “ONE-TIME” donation — not “MONTHLY.”

If you rely on our neighborhood news and can’t swing a subscription, sign up to get a free, donated subscription here. They’ll be given out on a first-come, first-served basis as donated subscriptions come in — signing up doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get a free subscription. 

We understand the importance and civic value of neighborhood news, which is why everyone can read at least five free stories per month (plus all breaking crime news) without a paid subscription. We’re also aware that banner ads won’t support robust local news coverage. We hope this option allows us to keep covering Chicago the way it deserves to be covered, while still making our news available to everyone. 

If you are interested in group rates or have questions, please email newsroom [at] blockclubchi [dot] org.