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Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat Chicago

Five Things To Know About Chicago’s COVID-19 Alert System In Schools

CPS budgeted more than $1 million for its COVID-19 notification and contact tracing system, which includes a new district-level team and several online reporting programs.


Chicago Has A Deal With Teachers. How Long Can The Peace Last?

One week after Chicago struck a fragile peace with its teachers union, fault lines have emerged over who gets to work from home, for how long, and why.


A Troubling Trend In Chicago’s School Reopening: More Students Disengaged

CPS released data that showed the majority of white families reported to school buildings as expected so far, while nearly half of Black families chose to stay home. About 62% of Latino students reported to campuses.


From Anxiety To Joy: Stories Of Chicago’s Contentious Return To The Classroom

For some, reopening doors has caused them to fear for their safety. For others, it’s been a relief, injecting normalcy into difficult times.


‘We Need To Forge Forward’: Mayor Lightfoot Says Chicago Schools Will Reopen Monday Despite Labor Troubles

The Chicago Teachers Union has fiercely opposed reopening schools but the mayor and schools chief Janice Jackson have persisted with their plans to re-launch in-person learning next week.


2020 LSC Election Participation Plummets, Nearly 1,000 Seats Unfilled

The figures paint a stark picture of the ongoing drop in engagement around LSCs, the mini-democracies that are given authority over budgets and principal hiring in most Chicago schools.


Among The Chicago Teachers Union’s Demands: No To ‘Simultaneous’ Instruction

The union released its list of demands Thursday, and it’s the most detailed look yet at what it would take to get union leaders to support reopening schools.


With A Reopening Date Set, Will Chicago Teachers Come?

The district has announced staggered reopening dates for students in kindergarten to eighth grade starting in January.


Amid A Pandemic, A Reckoning For A Chicago Charter Turning Away From ‘No Excuses’

Noble, which before had promised to “sweat the small stuff” on discipline, got rid of its school uniforms and a controversial demerit policy that punished students for small infractions. But can the changes stick?


Chicago Could Reopen Schools In January. Here’s What They’re Telling Parents So Far

The district is laying out several different plans and time frames for an eventual return, but will rely on schools to create specific plans.


Parents Weigh Reopening Decisions As Tensions Between Chicago Leaders And Union Mount

The district and teachers union clashed over a pair of reopening surveys and school building inspections.


For First Time, Chicago’s Local School Council Election To Include Mail-In Option

The new hybrid voting option will ensure mail-in ballots are sent to teachers, school staff and parents, while still offering an in-person voting option for those groups.


CPS Releases More Details About ‘Phased-In’ School Reopening Plan Amid Sharp Enrollment Drop

The phased reopening plan comes as CPS enrollment has dropped by 15,000 students.


Chicago Is Weighing Whether To Reopen Schools. Can It Move Forward Without The Consent Of Its Teachers?

Chicago schools officials have met regularly with the Chicago Teachers Union representatives, but they haven’t agreed on a road map or even on the need for one.


Two Chicago Charters To Keep Virtual Learning Until The New Year; CPS Hasn’t Announced Plans

Chicago International Charter Schools and Acero, which each oversee more than a dozen campuses, surveyed parents and found a majority preferred to continue learning remotely.

Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards

Labor Ruling Could Complicate Chicago’s Fall School Reopening Timeline

The union argued school clerks shouldn’t be required to work in-person if another option is possible, and that bringing in employees violated the contractual promise for a safe working environment.


Thousands Of Students Are Missing From Chicago’s Virtual Classrooms. Here’s The Plan To Find Them.

CPS said 49,000 students failed to log into classrooms on the first day of remote learning, a figure it has now winnowed down to fewer than 6,900 after expanded outreach efforts.


Chicago Could Bring Some Special Education Students Into School For Services Under New Plan

Since buildings closed in the spring, parents of children with disabilities have sounded the alarm, saying they aren’t able to meet the complex needs of their children the way a raft of school professionals could.


For Some Chicago High School Students, Remote Learning Brings A New School Struggle: Motivation

Without the excitement of seeing friends in person or the anticipation of sitting in a new teacher’s classroom, some students are struggling to stay focused.

South Chicago, East Side

CPS Says 4 Of 5 Students Logged In On First Day Of All-Virtual School

Attendance rates varied widely, with some schools reaching upwards of 95% of students participating on the first day, while others reported closer to 60% of students.

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham
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