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Melissa Sanchez, ProPublica

Chicago’s ‘Race-Neutral’ Traffic Cameras Ticket Black And Latino Drivers the Most

A ProPublica analysis found that traffic cameras in Chicago disproportionately ticket Black and Latino motorists. But city officials plan to stick with them — and other cities may adopt them, too.


Lawmakers Call For Immediate Action At Chicago Shelter Housing Afghan Children

After ProPublica’s report that Afghan children at a Chicago shelter were hurting themselves, Sen. Dick Durbin asked federal officials to investigate. In the meantime, Heartland Alliance, the facility’s operator, now has interpreters in its shelters.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Dozens Of Traumatized Afghan Kids Struggle Inside A Shelter That’s Ill-Equipped To Care For Them

Some Afghan children at a Chicago shelter have hurt themselves or others, leaving workers overwhelmed. Employees say the shelter has never experienced this level of chaos and isn’t equipped to provide kids with services they need.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Opioid Overdoses Keep Surging in Chicago, Killing Black People On The West Side

Half of Cook County’s confirmed opioid-related deaths have been among Black residents, even though they make up less than a quarter of the county’s population. Officials warn that the COVID-19 pandemic has overshadowed the crisis.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale

Overdose Deaths Have Skyrocketed in Chicago, And The Coronavirus Pandemic May Be Making It Worse

Opioid-related deaths in Cook County have doubled since this time last year, and similar increases are happening across the country. “If you’re alone, there’s nobody to give you the Narcan,” said one coroner.


What Happens When The Workers Who Make Hand Soap Get COVID-19? They Protest.

After a worker at a beauty supply factory near Chicago died of COVID-19, her former co-workers staged a protest. But they didn’t seek help from OSHA. They sought help from a new advocate: the state attorney general’s office.

Pilsen, Little Village, Back of the Yards

At Least 37 Children At A Chicago Shelter For Immigrant Detainees Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

A coronavirus outbreak at a Heartland Alliance facility on Chicago’s South Side may be the largest outbreak of the virus in any shelter for immigrant youth in the country.

Bronzeville, Near South Side

‘Essential’ Factory Workers Are Afraid To Go To Work And Can’t Afford To Stay Home

As some Illinois factories and warehouses stay open making supplies amid the coronavirus outbreak, workers say standing elbow to elbow in production lines and clocking in with fingerprint scanners could make them sick.


Hundreds of Thousands Of Chicago Motorists Could Receive Debt Relief From Vehicle Sticker Tickets As The City Expands Reform

Attention, Chicago motorists: You have until Oct. 31 to buy a city sticker and then qualify for a new debt forgiveness program.


Immigrant Children Sent To Chicago Shelters Are Traumatized And Sick, In Some Instances With Chicken Pox or Tuberculosis

Hundreds of children are being detained in shelters run by Heartland Human Care Services, which says it has made changes since allegations that children were neglected and mistreated.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Chicago Can’t Hold Impounded Vehicles After Drivers File for Bankruptcy, Court Says

A federal appeals court said the city’s aggressive legal strategy violated the basic protections of bankruptcy.


Chicago Throws Out 23,000 Duplicate Tickets Issued Since 1992 To Motorists Who Didn’t Have Vehicle Stickers

Motorists in black and low-income neighborhoods see the highest rate of ticketing for vehicle sticker violations, including duplicates.


Chicago Alderman Proposes Reining In Ticket Penalties That Drove Thousands of Black Motorists Into Debt

The proposal would cap late penalties and create community service alternatives to some fines.


Chicago City Clerk Calls For Reforms Of Vehicle Sticker Program

Anna Valencia proposed creating city sticker options so low-income drivers can afford to be in compliance and avoid costly tickets.


As Months Pass In Chicago Shelters, Immigrant Children Contemplate Escape, Even Suicide

Internal documents reveal despair and tedium in one of the nation’s largest shelter networks for unaccompanied minors.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

What’s The City Of Chicago Doing About Its Problem With Duplicate Sticker Tickets?

Seven weeks after the city pledged to address the issue, drivers are still on the hook — and now Chicago’s ticketing practices are becoming an issue in the mayor’s race.


Records Reveal ‘Lax’ Supervision, Sexual Activity at Chicago-Area Shelters Housing Immigrant Children

Newly obtained documents provide details on troubling incidents, including children having sex in a TV room and two girls running away on a museum field trip.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

‘Hidden in Plain Sight’: Hundreds Of Immigrant Children And Teens Housed in Opaque Network Of Chicago-Area Shelters

Documents and interviews reveal allegations of abuse, threats and inappropriate relationships.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Chicago Hiked Cost Of City Sticker Violations To Boost Revenue, Driving Low-Income, Black Motorists Into Debt

Now, a former official regrets the move and wants the city to revisit it. Some policies, she said, are “terrible.”

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Three City Sticker Tickets On The Same Car In 90 Minutes?

Chicago has issued 20,000 duplicate city sticker tickets since 2007. City officials are now looking at whether this violates a city ordinance and say motorists might be in for a refund.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale