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Margaret Shandling

‘Hawkwatch’ Is On As People Longing To Get Outside Gather To Spot The Majestic Birds

"You need hawks to take your mind off the cold. Funny how it starts to feel warm when you see them,” said Vic Berardi, a co-organizer of the "Hawkwatch" that meets in Lake County.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

The Search For Theo The Rescue Dog Brings Strangers Together

Theo bolted from Anna Cohn just as she prepared to bring him into her Logan Square home. Then the community stepped up to help.

Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale

The City Slapped A Native Plant Gardener With A $600 Fine, But He Fought Back — And Won

The city claimed the family's Irving Park yard was filled with weeds and rodents. But that was not the case, a judge ruled.

Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Jefferson Park Couple Lets Their Front Yard ‘Go Wild,’ And They’re Not Alone

Wild prairies are all the rage on the Northwest Side, and Margaret Plouff and Reed Adler decided to dig up their grass and create one of their own — on a budget.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

150 Six Corners Neighbors Protest Alderman’s Point Decision: ‘Lake Gardiner: Where Blight Is Alright’

Calling the height "excessive," Ald. Jim Gardiner said he withdrew his support for The Point plan after developers canceled a meeting.

Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

Meet The West Ridge Neighbor Who Killed His Grass On Purpose, Creating a Pocket Prairie In Its Place

It may look like a weed patch to the untrained eye, but all types of birds, bees and pollinators find this pocket prairie amid manicured lawns.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

‘Scared But Excited’: 2 Million Bees Arrive At Avondale Store To Fill Hives Around The Area

The bees arrived in 250 separate screened wooden boxes, all stacked inside a rental truck, ready to be distributed to Belmont Feed & Seed customers who pre-ordered the very active packages.

Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale

2 Million Bees Set To Arrive In Chicago This Week — And Eager Beekeepers Are Ready

When the delivery truck of bees arrives at Belmont Feed & Seed and opens its door, you can feel the heat given off by the bees, said store owner Brian Andronic.

Logan Square, Humboldt Park, Avondale