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What Would A Graduated Income Tax Mean For Chicago?

The potential for extra revenues at the state level doesn’t make a significant dent in the city deficit, and isn’t a silver bullet for fully funding items Lightfoot campaigned on last year.


COVID-19 Crisis Put Thousands Of Independent Contractors Out Of Work — But They Can’t File For Unemployment

With no income, no paid time off and no unemployment benefits, 1099 workers in Illinois — 18 percent of the state's workforce — are "unbelievably stressed."


64,000 File For Unemployment Benefits In 3 Days As Economic Fallout Of Coronavirus Looms

An executive order from Gov. J.B. Pritzker allows those claiming unemployment benefits to receive a check one week sooner than usual.


Lightfoot Blasts Trump’s Commutation Of Blagojevich: It ‘Sends Entirely The Wrong Message’

“Blagojevich is a real touchstone for a lot of people of what is wrong in Illinois politics,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.


South Side Aldermen Balk At Lightfoot’s Suggested Sites For Chicago’s Casino

The idea that a casino be built in Bronzeville is "appalling and offensive," Ald. Sophia King says. "It would be like putting a casino in Harlem.”

Bronzeville, Near South Side

Elected School Board Approved By House — Again

Will the third time be the charm for those working to end mayoral control of Chicago’s schools?


FBI Raids Ald. Ed Burke’s City Hall, Ward Offices And Walk Off With Computers, Files

The dean of the City Council, facing re-election in February, said he did nothing wrong, and noted he's been investigated without charges before.


Car-Sharing Supporters Say New Regulations Would Triple Tax Users

A bill to tax people who list their cars on car-sharing services is being debated in Springfield.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

40 Cars From One Car-Share Owner Pack Uptown Streets, Causing Parking Nightmare

Residents complain about a lack of parking thanks to the dozens of cars parked near the Aragon Ballroom.

Uptown, Edgewater, Rogers Park

Elections Officials Explore Vote By Mail Programs To Increase Turnout, Security

In Colorado, increased vote by mail options made turnout skyrocket – and officials are looking at how to do that in Illinois.