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Elliott Ramos, WBEZ

Hundreds of Thousands Of Chicago Motorists Could Receive Debt Relief From Vehicle Sticker Tickets As The City Expands Reform

Attention, Chicago motorists: You have until Oct. 31 to buy a city sticker and then qualify for a new debt forgiveness program.


Chicago Throws Out 23,000 Duplicate Tickets Issued Since 1992 To Motorists Who Didn’t Have Vehicle Stickers

Motorists in black and low-income neighborhoods see the highest rate of ticketing for vehicle sticker violations, including duplicates.


Chicago Alderman Proposes Reining In Ticket Penalties That Drove Thousands of Black Motorists Into Debt

The proposal would cap late penalties and create community service alternatives to some fines.


Chicago City Clerk Calls For Reforms Of Vehicle Sticker Program

Anna Valencia proposed creating city sticker options so low-income drivers can afford to be in compliance and avoid costly tickets.


What’s The Most Popular Vehicle In Your Neighborhood? Find Out Here

MAP: Southwest Siders love muscle cars, Teslas are for the tony neighborhoods and vintage rides pack the Bungalow Belt.


What’s The City Of Chicago Doing About Its Problem With Duplicate Sticker Tickets?

Seven weeks after the city pledged to address the issue, drivers are still on the hook — and now Chicago’s ticketing practices are becoming an issue in the mayor’s race.


Chicago Hiked Cost Of City Sticker Violations To Boost Revenue, Driving Low-Income, Black Motorists Into Debt

Now, a former official regrets the move and wants the city to revisit it. Some policies, she said, are “terrible.”

Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Three City Sticker Tickets On The Same Car In 90 Minutes?

Chicago has issued 20,000 duplicate city sticker tickets since 2007. City officials are now looking at whether this violates a city ordinance and say motorists might be in for a refund.

Austin, Garfield Park, North Lawndale