Left: A Busch Light promotional photo. Right: NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace poses with his race car at Soldier Field on July 19, 2022. Credit: Busch Light ; Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

GRANT PARK — Between the racing action, summer humidity and some potentially suspect air quality, NASCAR fans at this weekend’s race series might get thirsty.

Luckily, fans will be able to pick up as many as six adult beverages at a time. They won’t come cheap, however.

NASCAR will be selling six packs of Busch Light for $63 at this weekend’s Chicago Street race. Six packs of Michelob Ultra will also cost $63.

A six pack of Goose Island 312 will sell for $69, as will a six pack of Bud Light seltzers (black cherry or mango). A six pack of Jack Daniel’s and Coca Cola’s will run fans $72, the same price as a sixer of wine spritzers and canned cocktails, according to the menus posted at beverage tens within the NASCAR ticketed race area.

Selling a six pack of alcoholic beverages is not the norm at local sporting events and festivals, many of which have two drink limits per customer. Buying a six pack also won’t save fans any money at the NASCAR event.

With single cans of Busch Light costing $10.50, there is no discount in buying a $63 six pack.

That same six pack of Busch Light is being sold for $7.99 at Binny’s Beverage Depot.

An outdoor bar in Grant Park advertises its drink prices for the upcoming NASCAR Chicago Street Race on June 28, 2023. Credit: Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago

NASCAR fans and race-curious Chicagoans have plenty of thoughts on the drink pricing at the event, which is shutting down much of Grant Park and nearby streets for the Saturday and Sunday races.

Multiple NASCAR fans noted that many race tracks allow fans to bring in their own coolers with alcohol drinks. Coolers will not be permitted at the NASCAR event in Chicago, however, according to its web page.

Some social media users noted the irony in the drink prices considering NASCAR’s origins are tied to the practice of bootlegging during Prohibition. Others cracked jokes about the lack of a discount in buying in bulk.

Sports blog SB Nation called the Busch Light six pack deal “the worst beer pricing in sports.”

“Also, what’s the point of getting a six pack here? There’s no discount. Outside of not needing to wait in line again you’re basically getting six beers, that will sit in the sun, any pay the exact same amount,” author James Dator wrote in a blog post.

Others on social media noted that NASCAR’s bottled water price, at $3.95, is actually not bad for a major sporting or festival event. And Chicago stadiums including Soldier Field and Wrigley Field charge more per beer than NASCAR.

Tickets to this weekend’s NASCAR Chicago Street Race start at $269.

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