Howard Street in Rogers Park Credit: Joe Ward/Block Club Chicago

ROGERS PARK — There’s still time to collect a $50 or $75 rebate for shopping at four independently owned Rogers Park businesses.

The Rogers Park Business Alliance is offering the Live Love Shop Rogers Park rebate program through Dec. 31.

To get the $50 rebate, you have to submit receipts dated Nov. 26-Dec. 31 from at least four local businesses in the neighborhood showing you’ve spent at least $150, according to the Rogers Park Business Alliance website. If you show you’ve spent $200, you’ll receive a $75 rebate. 

Each individual receipt must show at least $20 worth of purchases, and you can submit up to five receipts for each individual store, according to the website. Anyone 18 and older can apply with a maximum of two people per household.

To enter, you must fill out the online form before 4 p.m. Jan. 6. 

You can also turn in physical copies of the form, which are available 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily at the Rogers Park Business Alliance, 1448 W. Morse Ave. 

“It’s a unique program and a great deal that you don’t really see anywhere else in Chicago, where you get cash back for shopping local,” said Carolina Juarez, the alliance’s district manager. “We want to help the community shift its thinking toward shopping local instead of spending money at Amazon and other big-box stores that already do so well during the holidays.” 

You can submit receipts from stores within these neighborhood boundaries, according to the Rogers Park Business Alliance. Credit: Provided//Rogers Park Business Alliance

The receipts can be from any kind of independently owned business in the neighborhood, including shops, restaurants, grocery stores and liquor stores. 

“We want to make sure as many local businesses as possible profit,” Juarez said.

The Rogers Park Business Alliance has offered rebates like these for more than 10 years to encourage people to spend money in their neighborhood during the holidays, Juarez said. 

Last year, 108 people submitted 143 receipts to receive the rebates, representing $17,680 spent in the local economy, according to data from The Rogers Park Business Alliance. 

The businesses people submitted the most receipts from in 2021 included Morse Fresh Market, Clark Devon Hardware, Devon Market and Rogers Park Provisions.

“Spending money locally gives people ownership of their community,” Juarez said. “It helps provide vibrancy in the neighborhood, helps people feel like they’re a part of their community and helps local businesses stay afloat during the holiday season.” 

Click here for more information about how to participate. Rebated checks will be available for pickup Feb. 28-March 10 at the business alliance’s office. After that, remaining checks will be mailed.