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Albany Park

Ms. Ella’s Healing Kitchen Brings Holistic Healing, Hip Hop And Vegan Food To Albany Park

The pop-up business grew out of the owners' efforts to host hip-hop jam sessions with meditation and home-cooked vegan food.

Ms. Ella's Healing Kitchen Owners Seven Hathor Amun Sun Ra (left) and Ella Ralston.
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ALBANY PARK — An Albany Park pop-up opened this week along one of the neighborhood’s main commercial strips, selling healing crystals and hosting holistic wellness classes with vegan food.

Owners Ella Ralston and Seven Hathor Amun Sun Ra are behind Ms. Ella’s Healing Kitchen, 4718 N. Kedzie Ave. The pop-up also offers yoga, breakdancing, sound immersion and gratitude journaling classes, the owners said.

Hours are 9 a.m-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday through Dec. 31. Sunday hours are being finalized.

“Some people might be confused about the name ‘Ms. Ellis Healing Kitchen.’ It’s because we’re cooking up different types of healing,” Ralston said. 

Ralston and Hathor Amun Sun Ra have been involved in Chicago’s hip-hop community for decades, Ralston said. In October 2020, the pair started hosting a hip-hop jam session in their back and side yards, Ralston said.

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Some of the crystals and incense for sale at Ms. Ella’s Healing Kitchen.

Under the name Blue Moon Art Gallery And Healing Spa, the pair invited graffiti artists, DJs, breakdancers and more to the events and hosted meditation sessions with vegan food, Ralston said.

Ralston and Hathor Amun Sun Ra then participated in the West Loop Art Fest and other outdoor festivals organized by StarEvents and the Chicago Loop Alliance, Hathor Amun Sun Ra said. 

“Graffiti writers, they call us the hippies because we always come around with sage. That’s what we’re known for, burning sage for our community and our people,” Hathor Amun Sun Ra said.

The opportunity to open a pop-up shop in Albany Park came about thanks to a city grant designed to support new small businesses in vacant spots, they said. With the shop, the owners decided to rebrand as Ms. Ella’s, Ralston said.

Ralston enjoys cooking, so many of the events at the shop will feature free family-style vegan meals, she said. 

“The food is just another part of what we’re doing, healing through food and nurturing people in that way. too,” she said. “Showing people what health food can do for you.”

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