CHICAGO — Block Club asked readers from around the city to send us their best Chicago-inspired Halloween costume — and they delivered with outfits colorful, funny and cute.

And the winner is …

Caroline Rendon, of Rogers Park. Caroline was chosen at random to win the raffle, getting Block Club merch. Caroline’s dressed up as a classic Chicago corner bar, complete with an Old Style banner.

“I love I love dive bars, and that’s the main reason for this costume,” Caroline said. “But I also value the role neighborhood bars play in building community and gathering people together.”

A Classic Chicago Corner Bar

Credit: Caroline Rendon

Complete with giardinera socks.

Here are some of the other amazing entries:

‘The Bear’

Credit: Jessica Gallen

A “The Bear”-inspired costume featuring the chocolate cake from Loaf Lounge and Wally the hot dog.

Credit: Kevin Field

The Brown Line

Credit: Kristen Schenk

Red-Winged Blackbirds

Lawrence and Broadway

Credit: Anna Gaebler

Ghost Train

Credit: Jessica Wolfe

Great Chicago Fire And Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Credit: Samantha Newman

A Cute Little Red Line Train

Credit: Stahlie

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Credit: Provided/Joe Clark

The Horny Logan Square Farmers Market

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