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Englewood, Chatham, Auburn Gresham

Man Fatally Beat 2 Men, Then Battered Teen And Held Her Captive For 8 Days, Prosecutors Say

Jamie Jones is facing murder, battery and kidnapping charges in the attacks, which prosecutors said occurred over several days in an Auburn Gresham apartment.

The apartment building at 83rd Street and Sangamon Street in Auburn Gresham.
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AUBURN GRESHAM — In “horrific, gruesome and violent” attacks, a South Side man killed two men, put their bodies in a closet and held a teenager captive for more than a week as he beat her and forced her to help him clean the crime scene, prosecutors said Monday.

Jamie Jones, 31, was ordered held without bond Monday on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping and aggravated domestic battery.

The attacks occurred March 17-25 in the 8300 block of South Sangamon Street, police and prosecutors said. Prosecutors said Jones killed Aaron Washington and Arronis Jackson, both 51, inside an apartment.

Jones and the 18-year-old woman he was dating lived in the Sangamon apartment with Washington, but the pair had recently been kicked out of the home and were staying there off and on, prosecutors said. The relationship between Jones and the 18-year-old had been abusive, prosecutors said.

On March 17, the two took a bus to 95th Street then walked to the apartment on Sangamon Street, prosecutors said. No one was at the apartment when they arrived, so the two left, picked up food and returned to eat, prosecutors said.

While they were there, Washington came to the apartment and let himself in, prosecutors said. As Jones and Washington shook hands, Jones hit Washington in the side of his head with a hammer, prosecutors said. Jones hit Washington’s head at least 10 more times, then grabbed a pillow and smothered him, prosecutors said.

After attacking Washington, Jones ordered the 18-year-old to go inside a bedroom and warned her not to come out, prosecutors said. The teen told authorities she could hear Jones moving Washington’s body, prosecutors said. When she came out of the room the next morning, Washington’s body was gone and his blood had been cleaned, prosecutors said. She did not know at the time Jones had moved Washington’s body into a closet, prosecutors said.

Jones then forced the 18-year-old to stay in the bedroom at all times, yelling at her if she tried to leave, prosecutors said. He forced her to ask for permission to come out of the room, including to use the bathroom, prosecutors said.

The following day, Jones allowed the 18-year-old to answer a call from her grandmother, who’d tried several times to contact her, prosecutors said. Jones stood over her while she spoke, and she did not tell her grandmother about what had happened, prosecutors said. That was the teen’s only communication with anyone outside the apartment for several days, prosecutors said.

Later, Jackson came to the apartment looking for Washington, prosecutors said. Jackson used a key to enter the apartment and told Jones he was looking for Washington because he owed him money, prosecutors said. As Jackson and Jones walked around the apartment, Jones grabbed the hammer and beat Jackson with it, prosecutors said.

The 18-year-old witnessed part of the attack, seeing Jackson trying to crawl away before Jones ordered her back to the bedroom, prosecutors said. After Jones finished attacking Jackson, he dragged Jackson’s body into the same closet as Washington’s, prosecutors said.

Jones ordered the 18-year-old to clean up the scene, saying he was too tired to do so, prosecutors said. He later ordered her back to the bedroom and forbade her from leaving, prosecutors said.

Later that day, Jones started beating the 18-year-old, prosecutors said. Jones punched her and used the hammer and a broomstick to batter the teen, prosecutors said. Jones repeatedly beat the teen several times over the next few days, hitting her with the hammer and choking her until she lost consciousness, prosecutors said.

Jones beat the teen so hard that claw marks from the hammer could be seen on her legs, prosecutors said.

For days, Jones only left the apartment for brief periods to run errands, prosecutors said. The teen did not try to flee, fearing Jones would attack her again, prosecutors said.

On Friday, Jones left the apartment to pick up a work ID for a job on the Southwest Side, prosecutors said. Once again, he warned the 18-year-old not to leave and threatened to track her down if she fled, prosecutors said.

After about an hour, the teen ran to a nearby church, and then a gas station to call her uncle, prosecutors said. An ambulance took the teen to the hospital, where she told her uncle and police about Washington and Jackson’s killings, prosecutors said. Officers went to the apartment and found both men’s bodies covered with laundry inside the closet as well as the hammer Jones used to kill them, prosecutors said.

Detectives canvassing the area spotted Jones on Saturday and arrested him, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said witnesses said they saw Jones and surveillance video shows Jones at the apartment building over the eight days.

It was not clear what precipitated the attack. Police records show Jones was arrested in January and December for criminal trespassing at that same apartment building. He was given $1,500 bond in both cases.

“To call this case horrific, gruesome and violent would be an understatement,” Assistant State’s Attorney Danny Hanichak said. “The defendant’s actions in this case show that he is a brutal and cold-blooded killer … .”

Jones is due back in court April 15.

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