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Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norwood Park

Northwest Side Rescue Raises Funds For Ollie The Dog’s Recovery After He Was Beaten By Ex-Owner

Ollie, who is 15, can't walk because his injuries are so severe. He needs donations for his medical care and a foster home to safely recover.

15-year-old Ollie needs help recovering from an attack that left him unable to walk on his own.
The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation/Facebook
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ORIOLE PARK — A Far Northwest Side rescue is helping an older dog recover — and is raising money to pay for his medical care — after he was beaten by his ex-caregiver.

Ollie, who is 15, is unable to walk on his own after the attack because his injuries are so severe, according to The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, a volunteer-run nonprofit started by police Lt. John Garrido and Anna Garrido. He’ll need special care to recover.

“He is super sweet … . Ollie is a really good boy. He seems in good spirits, though,” Garrido said in a Facebook video.

Richard Bober, of Jefferson Park, was arrested June 11 and charged with one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal, police said. He is scheduled to appear in court July 2.

After being beaten, Ollie was taken to Animal Care and Control and then to the rescue, which brought him to a vet.

Ollie received an X-ray, blood work, an ultrasound an MRI and a CT scan at Premier Veterinary and vets determined that he does not need surgery for now, Garrido told Block Club.

Garrido said Ollie suffered from bruising and has a fractured spine, but the bone fracture is not pushing on his spinal chord, which makes it easier for him to walk with help from a harness.

“Now he’s taking steroids and medicine to get the swelling down, and [he’s] using a harness to pick up his backend,” Garrido said.

Credit: The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation/Facebook
15-year-old Ollie is looking for a foster home to help him recover from his injuries.

The rescue is raising money to help with Ollie’s medical bills. His vet bills are already nearly $10,000, Garrido said.

So far, people have donated about $1,675. People can donate to Ollie’s recovery fund online.

“We are grateful for our network always stepping up but we also understand it’s been a rough year; so we appreciate whatever assistance we receive,” Garrido said in a message. “Regardless, we are committed to helping Ollie and will do everything we can to help him based on need, not cost.”

In addition to donations, Ollie needs a foster home to help him recover. Garrido said the older dog needs someone strong enough to lift him because he is overweight. Ollie weighs almost 100 pounds, but he should be closer to 60, Garrido said.

“His big size helped [protect him] from the kicking,” he said.

Ollie will stay at the vet for a few more days, during which time Garrido said he hopes to find a foster for the older dog. If they don’t find a home for him by the time he leaves the vet, Ollie will be boarded with frequent checkups.

People interested in fostering Ollie can apply online.

Garrido said that despite the tragic event, the team has been amazed by the humanity of people stepping up to help, and Ollie is in good hands now.

“Even after all he has been through, Ollie is stealing the hearts of his rescue team,” the organization said on Facebook. “He couldn’t be any sweeter and friendlier.”

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