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Gunmen Who Killed 7-Year-Old Jaslyn Adams Fired At Least 45 Times Into Her Car, Remain On The Run

An 18-year-old charged with murder for allegedly driving the gunmen to the McDonald's where Jasyln was killed was ordered held without bond this weekend.

Jaslyn Adams, 7, was shot and killed in the drive-thru of the Homan Square McDonald's.
Colin Boyle/Block Club Chicago (left)

CHICAGO — The gunmen who ambushed Jaslyn Adams, 7, and her father in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane fired at least 45 shots, including 28 from an AK-47 style weapon, prosecutors told a judge Sunday during a bond hearing for the alleged getaway driver.

The two men who fired the shots that killed Jaslyn and wounded her father, Jontae Adams, are still at large. Marion Lewis, 18, was in court Sunday, charged with first-degree murder and a series of other felonies tied to his attempt to flee from police days after the murder, prosecutors said.

Lewis was denied bond at the heading for his alleged part in the April 18 shooting in the Homan Square McDonald’s drive thru. He is charged with one count of first degree murder and 16 other felonies including vehicular hijacking, attempted murder, aggravated assault of a peace officer and several gun charges.

At the hearing, prosecutor Kevin DeBoni said Lewis was the driver of a silver Audi that pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot. Two others got out of the car and began shooting. Those two are known to police but are still on the loose, DeBoni said.

One of the shooters had a .40 caliber gun and the other was armed with a Drako, an AK-47 type of gun that had a banana clip. Both shooters fired at the back of the car Jaslyn and her father were inside. Police recovered a total of 45 shell casings — 28 from the Drako and 17 from the .40 caliber gun.

DeBoni also said one of the shooters threatened Jontae Adams via social media in the past. 

Last week, Jaslyn’s grandmother and Adams’ mother, Lawanda McMullen, told Block Club Chicago she believed the shooting stemmed from an argument on social media and was possibly gang-related.

Speaking at a press conference Saturday, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said police would continue to pursue the others involved.

“We’re not done, there’s more offenders to bring to justice,” he said. “You can run, but you can’t hide. We are going to bring you to justice for this crime. The Adams family deserves nothing less.”

Jaslyn’s family described her as a sweet, lovable and free-spirited girl who loved to play games. She was the youngest of four and was nicknamed Pinky because she had pinkish skin as a baby.

Lewis was arrested Thursday after a police chase and attempted carjacking on the Eisenhower Expressway. 

Lewis, who was under surveillance by Chicago Police, drove from suburban Lombard onto the Eisenhower. He was driving east near Mannheim Road when police tried to stop him and he crashed his car on the shoulder while trying to flee, authorities said. 

He then tried to carjack a family driving a Land Rover in the same direction before police shot him. 

On Sunday, DeBoni detailed more about the attempted carjacking, saying Lewis fired through the window of a Land Rover in an attempt to get the driver and his family out of the vehicle. Lewis did get the driver out of the Land Rover, DeBoni said, but at least three others, including two children, remained in the backseat.

Chicago Police confronted Lewis when he was in the Land Rover but he refused to comply with an officer’s command and made a motion toward his handgun, DeBoni said. 

The officer moved into a space between the open driver’s door and the car, and the car began to roll backwards because it was never placed in park. The officer, who was then in the path of the open driver’s door, fired his weapon five times and moved to avoid being struck by the door. Lewis was shot in the left shoulder and his .40 caliber gun was recovered from underneath his left thigh. Additionally, the AK 47 style Drako was recovered from a backpack Lewis had with him, DeBoni said.

Lewis was treated at Loyola University Medical Center before being released to authorities.

Lewis attorney, Steve Greenberg, argued against holding his client without bail and said he has mental health problems. 

The judge approved the state’s request for no bail, citing the evidence against him and his lengthy juvenile record, which includes a pending burglary and looting case, a pending possession of the stolen motor vehicle case, and previous cases for unlawful use of a weapon and attempted residential burglary.

Lewis is scheduled to return to court Thursday.