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You Can Apply Now To Get Your Lead Water Pipes Replaced For Free Or At A Discount

Two programs from the city allow homeowners to get their lead service lines replaced at a discount or even for free.

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CHICAGO — Homeowners who wants to replace their lead service lines can apply for help from the city.

The city offers two programs, which are now accepting applications, to help people replace lead service lines. The programs were started last year as the city tries to remove lead water pipes to protect residents.

People who want to hire a contractor to remove their home’s lead service line can apply for the Homeowner-Initiated Program. If approved, the city will waive their permit fees, which could save them up to $3,100, and city crews will attach the new service line to the water main and give the homeowner a free water meter for the contractor to install, according to the city’s website.

Residents who apply to that program must have been planning to replace their lead service line independent of renovations to their home.

The Equity Program allows homeowners to get a service line replacement and water meter for free if they meet certain criteria:

  • They must live in and own the home will the replacement will be done.
  • They must have a household income below 80 percent of the area median income ($72,800 for a family of four). More information on area media income is available online.
  • They must have consistent results of at least 15 parts per billion of lead in their water, as found through free tests done by the city’s Department of Water Management.

The programs are only for single-family and two-flat homeowners.

For more information on the programs and to apply, go here.