Credit: Alex Powell/Pexels

DOWNTOWN — Warm temperatures are coming to Chicago this weekend.

Though the last few days have been chilly, Friday is set to hit the high 30s and will be sunny, said AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys. That’s just the beginning of the good news, though.

Saturday will be even warmer, with most of the day being in the mid- to upper 40s, Roys said. It’ll be sunny or partly cloudy with a high temperature of 47 degrees.

Sunday is when the city will be at its warmest: Temperatures could hit the lower 50s, Roys said.

But Sunday will also be cloudier, and there could be rain mixed with snow late at night into early Monday.

This winter has been milder than normal, with temperatures about 5.4 degrees warmer and less than half the snow Chicago typically gets. Twitter @BauerJournalism