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Lincoln Square, North Center, Irving Park

Lincoln Square’s Notorious Reckless Driver Was Back At It Sunday Night

The driver of a loud, souped-up sedan is tormenting the neighborhood.

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LINCOLN SQUARE — Just days after being recorded fishtailing through the streets of Lincoln Square, the driver behind the wheel of a souped-up sedan was back at it.

Neighbors have been recording the extremely loud car because they say its driver is reckless and could hurt someone if it keeps up.

The latest incident was again on Lincoln Avenue near the heart of Lincoln Square. Around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, the dark colored sedan — possibly a BMW with a modified exhaust system — was speeding south in the 4600 block of North Lincoln Avenue, just south of the CTA train tracks. 

“Please help us get his info to the police so we can stop this guy from continuing to speed down Lincoln and swerve through the curves on Leland,” a neighbor wrote in a Facebook post Monday morning. 

“Last night he was very brazen and blew a red light while other traffic and pedestrians were near,” he said.

The car in Sunday’s video appears to be the same one that’s been waking up neighbors in the pre-dawn hours for the past month as the driver attempts to “Tokyo drift” through the curve at Leland and Lincoln avenues near the Lincoln Square arches without stopping.

The person who filmed the video told Block Club he didn’t call 911 but said other people on the block did call to report the speeding car. But police said they did not get any 911 calls about the driver in that area Sunday night.

The man who captured the video of the sedan said it sped past him going at least 60 miles per hour.

“The driver had to stop behind a car because the light had turned red for Lincoln,” the neighbor said. “He then peeled out around that car, driving into the opposite lane, and then out into the intersection turning left to go east on Wilson.”

The neighbor posted the video in the hope the community would identify the driver to stop him from treating Lincoln Square like his own personal race course.

“At best, he is an annoyance that is waking people up at night. At worst he is putting people’s lives in danger,” the neighbor said.

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