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Chicago’s Gone A Week Without Sun, And There’s Only Been 1 Clear Day In 2020

Gross: The year so far has been cloudy with a chance of cloudy.

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DOWNTOWN — It’s been a week since there’s been sun in Chicago.

In fact, throughout all of January, there’s been just one clear-sky day, said AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Walker. The last time it was partly cloudy and there was a bit of sun was Jan. 21.

“It tends to be a cloudy time of the year … during the winter months,” Walker said. “Usually this time of year is at least partly cloudy and there are long stretches where it’s just cloudy. It’s quite common.”

In all, Chicago’s had 15 days classified as cloudy, 12 days as partly cloudy and one day as clear this month.

The cloudiness will continue the rest of this week, though it’s possible there could be a bit of sun on Sunday, Walker said.

Chicago gets cloudier during the winter because the Great Lakes “have a lot of moisture” and air masses coming across pick up that moisture, Walker said.