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It’ll Start Snowing Tonight — And It Won’t Stop Until The Weekend

The pesky snowstorm won't be too bad, though, as only a little snow is expected to stick and accumulate.

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DOWNTOWN — A pesky snowstorm will start Wednesday night and last through Friday night.

The storm will kick off late Wednesday or early Thursday. Though it’ll last several days, it’ll be on and off and little snow will stick around for Saturday, said Eric Lenning, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

The snow will be light and it’ll be mixed in with rain, freezing rain and sleet throughout the storm, Lenning said.

It’s “just kind of a prolonged, light event,” Lenning said. “Despite it being a prolonged event, it’s gonna be kind of off and on, and some of it’s gonna be kinda wet snow.”

Throughout the days-long storm, temperatures will remain around 32-37 degrees during the day, Lenning said. That warmth means the snow will have a hard time sticking.

It would be difficult to estimate how much snow will actually accumulate by the end of the storm on Saturday since there will be a mix of precipitation and the snow will likely melt, Lenning said. There could be several inches — or practically none.

“You probably won’t see that much on the ground come Saturday morning,” Lenning said. “We are expecting some accumulation, but it doesn’t look significant at this point.”