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Where’s The Best Place To Eat When You Have The Munchies In The City? Chicagoans Weighed In

Our readers love Jeri's Grill, Mexican food and burgers when they're high.

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DOWNTOWN — Weed is now legal in Illinois — which means Chicagoans are gonna need a whole lotta snacks.

And just like when Block Club wondered which Chicago spot had the best drunk food, we turned to our readers to ask: Where’s it best to grab a bite when you have the munchies?

Mexican food, burgers and Jet’s pizza proved popular picks, but others also suggested fast food over local businesses or even the grocery store (who doesn’t love a late-night creative session in the kitchen?).

Here’s what Chicagoans suggested:


Coyotes Restaurant is at 1451 W. 18th St.

La Pasadita is at 1140 N. Ashland Ave.

Burgers And Bar Grub

BRGRBELLY is at 5739 W. Irving Park Road

Small Cheval is at 1732 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Rocking Horse is at 2535 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Cheese — Whether Grilled Or On Pizza

Cheesie’s and Jet’s Pizza have various locations

Jeri’s Grill

Jeri’s Grill is at 4357 N. Western Ave.

Chinese Food

MingHin Cuisine is at 2168 S. Archer Ave.

Hot Dogs

Wrigleyville Dogs is at 3737 N. Clark St.

Duk’s Red Hots is at 636 N. Ashland Ave.

Fast Food

Fried Chicken

San Soo Gab San is at 5247 N. Western Ave. and Hello Jasmine has various locations

Honey Butter Fried Chicken is at 3361 N. Elston Ave.

Order In … Or Do A Grocery Run